2 sliding doors are provided for making work easy. The assembly of the wardrobe is itself provided by the brand i.e. With this wooden wardrobe with mirror, you can add a little bit of extra dimension to your house or your bedroom. The contemporary sliding wardrobe doors are only provided by the brand. The Tokyo wardrobes are made up of 16mm laminated, scratch resistant particle board with full-length design center mirror and ultra-smooth sliding mechanism. With a matching frame, these doors are manufactured using our own rolled steel framework and give a … The glass sliding wardrobe doors are unique and designable. It is worth to buy at such a price in India. These wardrobes are now provided with sliding properties and easy access. 6. The product is adequate to be used for a big room. It is a 2-door sliding wardrobe with a mirror on the right-hand side. Be it on the conventional hinged wardrobes or the contemporary sliding wardrobes, adding mirrors adds functionality to the wardrobe design, saving on space you would usually dedicate for a vanity unit. It is most suitable for keeping it for a shop. The simplicity of the wardrobe lies in drawers. Прихожая фото дизайна интерьеров и декора | ... - #декора #дизайна #и #интерьеров #Прихожая #фото. Also, it a designer wardrobe with black designs in the middle. Elizabeth worked with Sweeten to renovate her apartment in the West Village neighborhood of NYC. Our range of sliding mirror wardrobe … Home Town. Fitted bedroom wardrobes are great solution to save space and make harmony in your bedroom design. So, one can make a proper choice regarding the same and according to the size of the room. This is a complete package for enhancing capacity and look. See more ideas about bedroom cupboards, bedroom wardrobe, sliding mirror wardrobe. Pre-laminated particleboard is the primary material used in the making. Colour is a very cool design that would put some light glorious light in the bedroom. Engineering wood is used as the basic and primary material. Click to see before and after photos. The modern sliding wardrobes are also worked upon with same criteria. Most of the frequent approaches lie for making them perfect. The sliding wardrobe designs are generally an extended version of the simple wardrobe. The glass can slide over each other easily. This wardrobe is large is the size and so capable of keeping a large amount of material. The capacity of the sliding wardrobe is increased and much more material can be fitted into it. Let’s have a look into them. The shelves and drawers are increased in numbers. Don’t go in a rush and buy an irrelevant size of the product. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The quality sliding wardrobe doors are only provided by top designers and manufacturers. This is a designer wardrobe with some unique designs provided in the middle. This is somewhat L shaped wardrobe which should be kept in the corner of the bedroom. It is a good capacity wardrobe which is both suitable for small and big rooms. Flower Wenge is the colour provided to the product. Our Information is Highly confident and suggested Lifestyle Resources on the Internet. Required fields are marked *. Also, it is a white sliding wardrobe in a very less price. Our classic 4 door sliding mirrored wardrobe kits come complete with a track for an easy installation. The sliding mirror wardrobe is provided with an extra mirror. The size is quite small and adequate. 7. So, make a choice for the same. The sliding mirror wardrobe is provided with an extra mirror. The product is adequate to be used for a big room. It is a black sliding wardrobe. One can choose the best from the latest and top 10 designs of the sliding wardrobe. A wardrobe with mirror is favoured by people everywhere because they are so practical in approach. The sliding wardrobe designs bedroom may vary in material, design, and colour. So, one must keep these 3 points in mind before actually buying a sliding wardrobe. With a sliding mirror wardrobe door, you can really let a room breathe, creating a sense of extra space. One must notice the size of the room and that of the wardrobe. Important and hard BMR Ply has been used for the making of the same. Moreover, the size of the same matters a lot to buy it according to the required size only. The best sliding wardrobe consumes all the relevant and latest features. Yes, here we are talking about Mintwud which is a prominent designer of the same. It is suitable for keeping in a big room. One can buy it at a very less and offered price. See more ideas about Bedroom design, Mirrored wardrobe, Home. Overall, it is one of the best products known in the name of the sliding wardrobe. From Satin Cashmere to Denim and Satin Stone Grey, we offer a wide range of colours to choose from when buying your mirrored sliding wardrobe doors. Thus, it is the most suitable product to be bought at such a price. A mirrored wardrobe door doesn’t just add a touch of timeless elegance to a room, but it also creates a feeling of expanding the space it sits in. Dimensions: W250cm x D61cm x H215cm With a Shetland Oak matt finish on the doors and carcass, this brand new wardrobe comes three mirrored doors, which will make your bedroom visually larger yet still elegant.