0. Hence, when you use eucalyptus, you need to make sure that the wood is treated. To slow the graying process and enhance the natural wood color you can follow these 4 easy steps. J J 4 years ago I am haing some cracking in some doors i made with a yellow balau core and a 1/8″ thick face veneer of yellow balau. Because shorea wood contains a high oil content it can withstand the elements with ease. Since it is also resistant to bug infestation, shorea is a heavy wood having great ability to tolerate the effects of sun, rain, snow and wind. SHOREA OUTDOOR FURNITURE DESCRIPTION Shorea is a tropical hardwood that is comparable to teak. Pretty sure that’s just where the wood was sourced. If you use a sealant to preserve the wood, eucalyptus can even last as long as teak at a fraction of the price. Because of its high oil content it is resistant to rotting, bug infestation, and the effects of wind, rain, sun, and snow. Shorea wood has a lower price simply because there is a ready supply of this magnificent wood, not because it is inferior to teak in any way. There are 196 species of Shorea found in these forests and apart from differences in the colour of the heartwood they all share similar characteristics (texture, grain, workability, etc). Reply. You will then be ready to put your furniture together and begin a lifetime of outdoor enjoyment. Regarding workability, eucalyptus is easy to work with. 1. Due to its high oil content, it easily resists water, which makes it highly resistant to mold and rotting. Regular care and maintenance of retaining walls is essential in ensuring the long-term stability and safety of the structure. Teak wood patio furniture and shorea wood furniture have very similar qualities and therefore can be cared for in very similar ways. Shorea Wood Care is easy as 1-2-3-4 The Shorea wood will naturally develop a warm, inviting gray color. In fact, you will be surprised at just how little care this extraordinary wood … Shorea itself is a member of the family called Dipterocarpaceae. The Dipterocarps make up over 80% of the trees in the forests of the islands in southeast Asia. Care needs to be taken in the way eucalyptus timber is cut to avoid warping and cracking. wood, instructions for assembly, and care and maintenance of your furniture. Shorea is the tropical hardwood similar to teak. Apply the optional Cabot Teak oil to provide a natural look to your shorea furniture all season long. Apply Teak Cleaner 3. “Shorea” is a genus of trees that contains many species listed by the IUCN as being critically endangered, so hopefully when they claim it is “sustainable” that claim is genuine. Please take a moment to read this information. Their high oil content also makes them very resistant to moisture and insect infestations. Natural weathered state of the Shorea wood 2. Some surface roughness may develop, especially at … Continued If left untreated, shorea weathers naturally to a beautiful silver gray color. Both woods contain a high amount of natural oils, making them very dense and durable. Structural Timber Poles.