This article will look at the benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase for curly hair, silk pillowcase vs satin pillowcase and the best silk pillowcases for curly hair. All the Pics from Charles and Di's IRL Royal Tour, Your Horoscope for the Week of November 29th, 20 Amazing Makeover Ideas to DIY Your Jeans. After a week of sleeping with a satin pillowcase, I instantly noticed a difference. “This is great for all hair types but is especially beneficial for natural hair,” she says. • #naturalhair #curlyhair #curls #latina #dominicana #satinpillowcase #curlyhairtricks #editor #writer #journalist, A post shared by Johanna Ferreira (@cup_of_johanna) on Jan 21, 2019 at 12:45pm PST, by @marissapina • #latina #dominicana #naturalhair #curlyhair #astoria #editor #journalist #writer #aries, A post shared by Johanna Ferreira (@cup_of_johanna) on Jan 20, 2019 at 12:40pm PST. One day after taking a stroll at my local Target, I decided to purchase my first satin pillowcase. I’ve always noticed less redness on my cheeks (I struggle with mild rosacea especially during the winter) which makes sense considering satin pillowcases tend to be hypoallergenic and gentler on sensitive skin. I forgot to tell you guys. Satin pillowcases = a dream; cotton pillowcases = frizz and fine lines. ✨ at $14 you can’t NOT afford to gift this #KEHfrenchpin, A post shared by KRISTIN ESS (AND LOTS OF DOGS) (@kristin_ess) on Oct 9, 2018 at 11:52am PDT. Yes. They haven’t been dry cause I’ve been moisturizing like crazy. My friend suggested getting a satin pillowcase. • #curls #curlyhair #naturalhair #latina #dominicana #wintercurls #curlyselfie #shamelessbathroomselfie #hazeleyes #editor #writer #journalist #storyteller #beautyjunkie #tryingtolovemycurlsdespitwthelackofvolume, A post shared by Johanna Ferreira (@cup_of_johanna) on Nov 16, 2018 at 3:54pm PST, I started to grow frustrated until one of my friends asked what my curly nighttime regimen was. “I don’t do the pineapple and I don’t sleep with a satin bonnet,” I said. Stay tuned! What are some of your curly winter hair struggles? One day after taking a stroll at my local Target, I decided to purchase my first satin pillowcase. Sure, my curls were soft and defined afterward but wetting my hair every single day — especially during the colder months — meant rocking wet hair for most of the day because air-drying was taking hours and who has time to diffuse? Will I ever go back to sleeping with a regular ol’ cotton pillowcase again? I was no longer waking up with frizzy hair, so I was able to go days without washing or soaking my hair. So much so, that morning retouches just weren’t cutting it anymore. But today my curls decided to behave and they even photographed well. SpaSilk helps you to retain more moisture and allows your hair to glide smoothly over the material, in... Betty Dain Satin Pillowcase, $10.49. Funny thing is, I’ve been hearing about these pillowcases, specifically designed to combat wrinkles and frizz and their benefits for years. Before switching pillowcases, flat frizzy bed hair was becoming a consistent problem. Honestly, they’re both great—it just depends on how much you want to spend, because the price points are slightly higher when it comes to silk. 10 Satin and Silk Pillowcases for Curly Hair SpaSilk, $18.99. By day 5 I usually have to wash. Sleeping with a satin pillowcase has been a game changer for my curls. How Latinas Are Reclaiming Our…, 15 Meditation and Sleep Videos that Will Help…, Latina Equal Pay Day 2020: We Still Have…, 20 Latinx Children’s Books That Should Be On…, Back to School? Yes. As for my skin — no more annoying pillow creases in the morning. Someone Say Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals?! It’s a good bathroom selfie day and I’m ready to head out for some Korean BBQ tonight! Yep, that thin sheet that keeps your pillow clean could be—and most likely is—doing a number on your hair if it’s made out of cotton. I toss and turn like a mad woman.”. However, not all silk or satin pillowcases are created equal and there are certain elements to consider before choosing the best one. Inspiration, empowerment, and entertainment for forward-thinking Latinas. Carly Cardellino was the beauty director at Cosmopolitan. Promise. Calm down, this isn’t a PSA for you to drop your savings on silk pillowcases, because (1) there are affordable options out there and (2) the little investment that they are will save you from stressing out over any breakage (trust me, I speak from experience—how else do you think I’ve managed to keep my fake blonde going for more than five years?!). In fact, I plan on expanding my satin pillowcase collection very soon. Honestly, your hair has never slept better. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. Otherwise, the differences between the two are as follows: silk is a fiber, satin is a type of weave and not a natural fiber (therefore, satin pillowcases are made from other fabrics like rayon, polyester, silk blends, and nylon, whereas silk is made of, well, silk). I’ll admit though because I don’t like sleeping with my hair up, I didn’t use the French pin that’s supposed to help preserve curls. Probably not. I could continue to sleep with my hair down and not only would my curls be less dry, tangled, and frizzy in the morning but my skin would love it too. “This is especially beneficial for hair types that are prone to frizz, such as coarse hair types or girls who have wiry curls.”, A post shared by THE CELEBRITY OF SILK (@shhhsilk). Satin (and silk) pillowcases also have a smooth slip to them—they’re like the sexy lingerie of pillowcases and they’re super gentle on skin and hair—so they won’t leave sheet indentations on your skin when you wake up (bonus! I found myself having to wash or at least soak my hair in the shower and restyle practically every morning to banish frizz and maintain definition. Women have sworn to me that they leave you with a smooth complexion, no funky pillow creases, and silky, soft, and shiny curls. That was before my friends — my curly haired friends especially — started raving to me about the benefits of satin and silk pillowcases. But my stubborn ass was never convinced enough to actually get one. A post shared by Slip Silk Pillowcase (@slipsilkpillowcase). You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.