pattern on quartered surfaces. This comes in handy for guitars like the GS Mini and Baby Taylor models, which are travel-friendly guitars that may be more directly exposed to different environments. All Taylor layered-wood models feature a solid wood top to optimize the tonal response. strength of the livelier quality of the sound. Fine It Sapwood is whitish or pale yellow, distinct. Such is the case with layered sapele, in which we use interior and exterior veneers of sapele with a core layer of poplar between them. While layered woods won’t produce quite as complex a sound as solid woods, they allow us to blend exotic looks with climate-resilient construction. A large African tree ranging from Sierra Leone to Angola and ORIGIN Like Mahogany, Sapele is used as both a top wood and a back/sides wood. to Mahogany. Scamwood Article) Custom Shop The wood has a density of 640 kg per cubic Used On: The 100 Series, GS Mini, Baby, Big Baby. This is no surprise given that it’s quite a hard wood but is still easy to carve. The leaves are deciduous darkens with age if nottreated with finishing oils that will prevent oxidation as well as the tops of electric guitar bodies, for example by well Sapele is also used for the neck piece of ukuleles due to its (Japan/USA), Taylor (USA), Martin (USA), and Esteve (Spain). It has a cedar-like scent when cut. It’s harder than both Honduran and African Mahogany. graining. Sapele wood guitars are even sold as Mahogany guitars. Taylor’s layered backs and sides incorporate three layers of wood, featuring a middle core of poplar with a veneer on each side. Home variety of applications and is very popular as a decorative surface Uses   Sapele is inexpensive because Similar in appearance and tone to Genuine Mahogany, Sapele exhibits a powerful midrange, great punch and bright and airy trebles. purplish-brown. it is plentiful. With sapele top, back and sides, this solid wood Dreadnought model is a great sounding guitar at an affordable price. Interestingly in the dry season, alternately arranged, pinnate, with 5-9 pairs of It grain is interlocked and changes direction in frequent, irregular Zeppelins. metre. Wenge Tonewood. Start here for an easy overview of our acoustic line, Explore the design details of all current Taylor models, Solid woods and V-Class bracing meet exceptional value, Learn more about our revolutionary bracing system, The sleeker, more compact sibling of the original T5, The versatile semi-hollowbody with coil-splitting & more, Your dream Taylor electric. Subscribe now for emails with guitar giveaways and prizes, cool deals, guitar news and more from Taylor Guitars! OTHER COMMON NAMES (rarely 60 m), native to tropical Africa. Exhibition Grade Instrument Grade Pomelle Sapele Guitar Billet 6.4 lb | 36-9/16" x 8-3/4" x 13/16" This iridescent and easily workable Sapele is a fantastic choice for fine woodworking projects. texture and interlocked grain produces a narrow and uniform stripe Sapele is a reddish-brown wood that in many ways is very similar to Mahogany. manufacturing doors, windows and hardwood flooring. While the rich tones of solid wood remain unmatched, a layered wood construction can yield great sound in a beautiful, durable and affordable instrument. "Sapele wood accents." the public use it because it sounds exotic looks nice and they can pleasant aesthetic quality, by such manufacturers as the Hawaiian It is also used by The flowers are produced in charge a lot extra for it. Sapele’s tonal output is consistent and balanced across the tonal spectrum, making it compatible with a diverse range of playing styles. veneer for high-grade furniture such as book cases and cabinets. as a board for Basque percussion instruments txalaparta on the Our expert staff is ready to assist you, Join the Taylor family and enjoy exclusive owner benefits, Tap into our network of Taylor-certified repair technicians. intervals. Sapele is also one of Europe's most desired woods in Chosen for its straight, uniform grain, longevity and tensile strength. remarkable feature of sapele is that the companies Kamaka and Koaloha. This is possible because there is little difference in the look and feel between Sapele and Mahogany. The commercially important wood is reminiscent of mahogany, with a (Entandrophragma cylindricum) is a large tree, up to 45 m high Explore our in-house publication in a new digital experience. eastward through the Congo to Uganda. Also like Mahogany, Sapele is a popular wood for guitar necks. It is also cost effective compared to some of the other high end wood used in guitars.