You won't see Sanzo's flavors in brands like La Croix, but they're still familiar, important, and delicious to millions of Asian-Americans in the US. The calamansi puree comes from a Filipino company based in California, the lychee puree from Thailand, and the Alphonso mango puree from India. Like many startup success stories, Sanzo's is one of humble beginnings. Watch Queue Queue. The company sent me 12 samples to try for myself, and I loved them. Tags Shopping Drink Drinks Non-Alcoholic Philippines Asian Southeast Asian. Read full article. The lychee flavor reminded me of canned lychee juice or the lychee ice drinks you can get at Thai restaurants. It’s can be an unpleasantly rough road to stray away from the sugar-overloaded beverages that fill the shelves in the grocery store. If you're used to drinks like La Croix, this may not be your cup of tea, but if you've already tried fruit juice-flavored seltzers liked Spindrift or Gac and enjoyed them, chances are you'll love this, too. To see my background represented in something so innocuous yet essential (for many people) in everyday life and culture is a small victory I will certainly take and share with others. Whether these flavors are a taste of home or a source of discovery, we’re excited to bring you authentic flavors in the most delicious way we know how. The global sparkling water market is rapidly growing and people are looking for beverages that not only taste good but also are good for you. "Since the purees haven't gone through too much additional processing, the authenticity of the flavor remains intact and that's one of the main reasons why I think we've done well in our early days," Roco told Insider Reviews. Roco now works with a flavor house that helps with formulations, pricing, and supply chain reliability. When I heard about Sanzo, I knew I had to try them, and when I reached out to the company they were kind enough to send me a 12-pack for review. Vous suivez désormais les articles en lien avec ce sujet. I love lychee fruit and could eat an endless amount during the summer, so this was a great way to get my fix in beverage form. One sip, and I knew it was my favorite of the bunch. The battle for the increasingly popular frizzy water market in the U. S. is heating up as Asian-inspired brand Sanzo has just closed a $1.3 million seed funding to expand distribution. They can be ordered online by the 12-pack for $24. Tags Shopping Drink Drinks Non-Alcoholic Philippines Asian Southeast Asian. My taste test started with the lychee flavor, as it's the fruit I'm least familiar with. It’s can be an unpleasantly rough road to stray away from the sugar-overloaded beverages that fill the shelves in the grocery store. There are also subscription options, which will save you $6 and get you free shipping. You can only have drink LaCroix Pamplemousse for so long before you yearn for something different. I always thought it was a better version of lime," he said in a Medium interview. Instead, they're light and refreshing — perfect to drink on their own or to top off a fruity cocktail. It perfectly captured the calamansi flavor, which lies somewhere between an orange and a lime, and was wonderfully fragrant. When you go into a supermarket like H-Mart or 99 Ranch, the product selection is usually heavily comprised of Asian brands, with a smattering of American standbys sprinkled in here and there. I recently discovered Sanzo, the first Asian-inspired sparkling water, whose flavors has only 2-3 ingredients and 20 calories or less. They come packaged in bold pastel cans and come in lychee, Alphonso mango and calamansi lime flavors. My 12-pack of Sanzo sparkling waters was gone way too fast, but that's what happens when something tastes great and is so refreshing to drink. Roco traveled to the Philippines often as a child and was "infatuated with the idea that this fruit was essentially what would happen if lime and orange had a baby. In 2018, Sandro Roco was strolling past … Lychee, the sweet, fleshy fruit with a thin rough skin, is native to southeastern China, while Alphonso mango, famously dubbed "the king of mangoes" for its smooth texture and rich taste, originates in India and is very difficult to find in the US. He told Insider Reviews, "even with that level of targeting, I was still surprised by how quickly folks were taking to the brand. But for Sandro Roco, the 31-year-old founder of NYC-based sparkling water company Sanzo, ... And I was drinking so much sparkling water at my job at … The use of real and authentic fruit is essential for creating the high-quality sparkling waters. Sanzo invites sparkling water fans to try something new, while providing another vehicle for Asian-American shoppers to enjoy familiar and favorite flavors. Joe Sevier. Sandro Roco, the Filipino-American founder of Sanzo, came to a similar realization. Sanzo Sparkling Water Is Your Next Seltzer Obsession. The global sparkling water market is rapidly growing and people are looking for beverages that not only taste good but also are good for you. At $2 per can, they're probably more expensive than what you're used to, but it's worth the splurge for seltzer fanatics. The Drinks. I saved the calamansi flavor for last because it was the one I was most excited for. Momofuku was among the first five partners we worked with, and as you might imagine, that created a bit of a flywheel for me to sell into other Asian-inspired establishments." Sanzo’s lychee, calamansi, and mango sparkling waters taste as flavored seltzers should: bold, bright, and effervescent. After acclimating to the lychee flavor, this one was even easier to chug. Exquisite doesn’t begin to describe Sanzo, a New York City-based sparkling water company. Rarely will you find products that bridge those cultures and represent the unique identity that is being Asian-American. BUY IT: Sanzo Sparkling Water, $24 for a 12-can sampler pack at Sanzo is a new, premium sparkling water brand with flavors like calamansi, lychee, and Alphonso mango. While this drink doesn't exactly capture their rich, sweet flavor, it's still quite delicious. Each flavor variety only contains its respective fruit puree, carbonated water, and citric acid (for the lychee and Alphonso mango flavors), and one can will run you 0-20 calories. Most of my experience with lychee has been with cubed lychee in Asian jelly snacks, and I don't really know what it tastes like in its pure form. Eventually, he settled on three key fruits. Reviews of the 5 Best Sparkling Water, Carbonated Water, Seltzer, and Club Sodas, Plus 2 to Avoid: Sipping one of the best sparkling water options available is a healthier alternative to soda and other unhealthy carbonated soft drinks.