When in high power, use the coarse adjustment (the knob smaller than the coarse adj.) If there are only two knobs, as on the monocular microscope in Figure 4.1, those two are the coarse focus and the fine focus and you only have to keep those two separate. Using this on HPO may damage the objective's lens as well as the slide if the objective is accidentally moved too close to the stage. Coarse adjustment knob part of the microscope used when focusing specimen. 13. This knob is generally used when viewing specimen with scanner objective (4X). Arm. The coarse adjustment knob is used for large adjustments when focusing a microscope. Fine adjustment. The main body of the microscope houses the coarse and fine adjustment knobs, as well as the specimen stage. The coarse adjustment knob is only designed for focusing. It is used for fine and sharp focussing of the object. Coarse vs Fine Adjustment. the fine adjustment knob. Its movement is slow and excellent. Coarse Adjustment Knob: It is a large-sized knob used to move the body tube up and down for bringing the object into focus. By the time you've gotten up to the high power objective lenses, the lens is quite close to the stage and using the coarse adjustment knob could cause you to crack the slide or lens. Finally, the base is where the light source and power switch are located. The coarse adjustment knob should never be used when viewing in high power with a compound microscope. This is a smaller and circular knob seen below the coarse adjustment knob. the coarse adjustment knob. Just about any device can be adjusted to suite the preference of the user. But in certain cases, there are two adjustment knobs; labeled as coarse and fine adjustments. Exact focussing is done by this knob. The Adjustment knobs – These are knobs that are used to focus the microscope. Not all microscopes have a condenser adjustment knob. Unlike the fine adjustment, coarse adjustment moves the lenses quickly. Coarse adjustment knob – moves the stage nearer or farther from the objective lens; used for focusing at a lower power Fine adjustment knob – also used for focusing the image but in more detail Base – bottom of the microscope that supports all the other parts It is fixed to the arm of the microscope. on low power objective since it adjusts towards and away from the slide vigorously. As a general rule, do NOT touch or adjust this knob. In most devices, there is only one adjustment knob for each controllable element. Fine Adjustment Knob. Coarse Adjustment Knob. From there, fine adjustment can be used to get a clear resolution. The function of a microscope's coarse adjustment knob is to improve focus on the object under study by adjusting the lens. 12. When studying a slide in a microscope, begin focusing with the _____-power objective lens in place. Moves the stage slightly to sharpen the image. used to focus the specimen. is the larger focusing knob on the microscope; moves the stage up and down and is used to bring the specimen into rough focus. Stage – This is the section on which the specimen is placed for … Fine Adjustment Knob: It is a small-sized knob. to … There are two types of adjustment knobs i.e fine adjustment knobs and the coarse adjustment knobs. Eyepiece or Ocular: It is a lens fitted at the top of the body tube. Other objectives like low power and high power objectives are used with fine Adjustment knob for clearer image in higher resolution. Upright, with one hand on its arm and the other hand supporting its base. It helps to adjust the magnification lens to the correct height for better resolution. But if there is a third knob, it is the condenser adjustment knob.