Step 1 - Examine the Plant. Pruning Your Fuchsias Where you live will govern when you prune. Pruning pots is very similar, baskets too though usually to about the edge of the basket. I would cut the fuchsias back and enjoy the snowdrops, knowing the fuchsias will flower again all the better for the rest and recharging they will get from the prune. Fuchsias must be pruned severely once a year with a light prune in summer to help with water loss. Fuchsias prefer a light, loamy soil with plenty of nutrients for optimal growth. Late July to August is the best time to start thinking about pruning a fuchsia. Fuchsia is a very colorful plant that can be pruned to create a particular shape or style of growth. A very important reason to prune a fuchsia at least once a year is that they will not grow flowers on old wood. A) The golden rule with pruning is to cut after flowering so you don’t accidentally remove the material where this year’s flowers will appear. Ensure that the soil drains well, and keep it moist. The bright blooms and green leaves of fuchsias add a blaze of color to gardens and patios in many regions of the United States. Gardeners growing fuchsias in containers can use a soil mix that includes compost, and all the nutrients the Fuchsia needs to thrive. How to Prune a Fuschia Plant.