In recent years, both the Algarve region and Lisbon have seen an increase in awareness of the benefits of alfarroba. 3. Pastel de Feijão / Bean Tart: this typical sweet Portuguese pastry is made of a white bean puree contained within a flaky, baked crust.It is commonly presented with powdered sugar … Portuguese Desserts Portuguese desserts, usually quite sweet and high in egg content, have never been a nightly habit. Bolo Rei (King Cake) Bolo Rei is a traditional Portuguese cake that's eaten during Christmas time. But bring on a special occasion or holiday, and you can find the dessert table over laden with puddings of rice, custard, meringue, platters of cookies and cakes and of course sweet bread, some will call “massa sovada” and others “pão doce”. Let me start by telling you that we have a word we use for these sweet pastries, bolo, which literally means cake.Each pastry has its own name of course, but the word bolo is used in a broader sense.. 1. The cake actually resembles a king's crown—it's round with a large hole in the middle and has crystallized dried fruit that make up the actual "crown" part, which is embedded in … Mar 23, 2018 - A photo gallery of some of the most traditional and tasty sweets highlighting the best that