Ratio 5:2. Hi Brian, I built a forno bravo style oven a couple years ago and I used vermiculite for the hearth and stuck with perlite for insulating around the dome. This first layer of insulation helps the oven keep the heat inside but heat migration is inevitable, as the heat will conduct through the floor, arch and chimney. Re: Vermiculite vs perlite for insulation under the oven floor I didn't use vercumilite or perlite for the floor insulation; I used a 2" ceramic insulation board. While most customers think moving the brick ovens into place is the most difficult task, it isn't as hard as you'd think and definitely worth it! From Pinkbird. Between the two methods, the perlite insulation blanket then cement rendering is most effective in heat insulation, What is PERLITE and why do we. Modular pizza ovens are typically wrapped with a high heat fiber blanket that offers reflective insulation. Mugnaini commercial ovens utilize perlite concrete placed on top of the insulating blanket and topped with loose-fill as an extra. I did put a 4" dome insulation of perlite and portland cement on the oven. Loose-fill perlite. Im ready to start building my very first wood fired pizza oven using gym ball, perlite, portland cement, cement enhancer, chicky mesh and firebricks for the base only. It has the function of raising the oven to a practical height and acts as the concrete base of the oven. Not sure what the insulating properties of both are, I would have to say you may have a hard time mixing the perlite so that its distributed properly across the entire mix. Pros and cons of vermiculite or perlite: Many do-it-yourself pizza oven builders, as well as importers of authentic Italian brick ovens, are big advocates for using vermiculite or perlite mixed with concrete. * Oven dome: This is the curved vault of the pizza oven. I wanted the internal size of the oven to be about 750mm or 30 inches, a good minimum size for two-at-a-time pizza cooking. Sep 28, 2017. These builders will use a 5:1, 6:1 or 7:1 parts insulator to one part concrete to build their hearth and “skin” the pizza oven dome. Lifting Pizza Oven Into Place. Perlite render pizza oven. Building a sturdy base out of timber and insulated concrete… The oven base I cast onto an elaborate shuttering in an elongated oval shape. Vitcas Concrete Insulation Plinth is used for wood burning bread and pizza ovens such as Vitcas Casa and Double Casa Wood Fired Ovens. The plinth can be incorporated into your own oven build. Use a thermal blanket or a mix of vermiculite or perlite and refractory concrete. I would appreciate any advices/recommendations and i would also like to hear feedback from owners of similar ovens about the performance and if perlite started falling on to the pizza after several fires? The shape allows for the efficient use of wood, and evenly reflects heat back down onto the oven floor – ideal for pizza and other dishes that require both top and bottom heat. We carry authentic brick ovens ranging in weight from 1000 lbs to 1800 lbs.