View Full Review Online piano lessons generally use canned videos to teach students about different musical concepts. Take 1-on-1 Piano Lessons with Live Online Piano Teachers. 10 / 10 "Playground takes a unique approach that engages you with a fresh batch of music and relatable concepts to motivate you." Clinton explains concepts thoroughly and encourages his students to practice what they’ve learned before moving on to next steps. Many online piano lessons teach too much boring music theory, but if you want to learn how to play the piano fast, you don’t need another month-long course on music theory. Not only will you learn the proper techniques for playing the piano, but you’ll also discover best practices to implement when sitting at the piano, positioning your hands, reading notes and rhythms and playing chords. Best Piano Learning App and Online Piano Lessons. Learn Classical, Jazz, Music Theory. Piano Nanny online lessons are taught by Clinton S. Clark, who is an award-winning Jazz musician and film composer. The best piano lessons online, from the comfort of your home # 1 Rated. All Ages and Levels Welcome. First Lesson is Free - Top Ten Reviews. Piano Lessons: Teach Yourself to Play introduces the fundamentals needed to become a stellar piano player.