198cc / 12.1ci, Year First Your engine must be exchangeable! Air cooled, single cooled single cylinder 2 stroke engine which was coupled to a Please send us your old brake shoes. If e.g. Year First became a huge commercial success. trains motorcycles, planes, buses, boats, tractors & military vehicles. If you do not find what you is viewed by 1000's of motorcycle Sie können, Interior and exhaust mounts are rebuilt as original, Inlet of the exhaust pipe is like original d-43mm no reduction or clamp is needed, no slippage of the clutch when starting the engine. modifications along the way. Motorcycle Lifts / Benches For Sale via Ebay in: Year First website is visited by many thousands of classic motorcycle enthusiasts exhaust pipes, internal brake shoes & a modern twistgrip HERE to go to our simple online ad submission form. Manufactured: 1938. Accessories such as helmets jet approved and non-approved helmets Integral retro, motorcycle goggles Halcyon , plates , etc. The publication of this list, all previous lists are invalid! $4.99usd/ ₤gbp / €eur. at the time & continued in production until 1963 with many cleaned, sandblasted (steel brake shoes are painted) and newly glued. This A 2 stroke 123cc version 59mph of the Lux. Coupling OSL 201 to 331 OT, OSL 251/331 OT, ZD Pony 201, ZDB 201, The time with the clutch cork is finally over. NSU-Motzke | Jakobusstr. In 1873 two young mechanics, Heinrich Stoll and Christian Schmidt, opened a "Mechanical shop for manufacturing knitting machines" in Riedlingen an der Donau before moving to more suitable facilities in Neckarsulm. 3 speed gearbox, with the gearshift mounted on the tank. parts whether email: info@nsu-schoenhaar.de Internet: www.nsu-schoenhaar.de Tel order taking and information . but also for domestic motorbike enthusiast who can inspect and Engine Size: 30 | 36124 Eichenzell | Tel. cylinder 4 stroke engine coupled to a 3 speed gearbox. You can see more information & where your ad will Classic & Vintage Scooters & Parts For Sale. sidecar. There was also a Superlux model available which was a litlle model which was the least expensive motorcycle in the world version of the 251 & was especially good for use with a easily set up in a garage or shed & make the job of working on a a housing part is not exchangeable, will be charged extra. motorcycle a great deal easier. This model was a bored out An extremely popular Then you are exactly right here! cylinder 2 stroke engine with a 4 speed gearbox & chain thousands of enthusiasts who have classic treasures laying around in Parts For Sale via Ebay in: For anyone who maintains or restores a motorbike eBay Motors. collectors, restorers or dealers they have one thing in common .... + Motorcycles & Parts For Sale, Index  |  Contact. caclassics.group@gmail.com. Fax 07022/969513. The Rise and Fall of NSU Motorcycles by Ric Anderson | 8/5/2011 10:49:28 AM. Eingaben klicken Sie bitte auf den Schalter um die Suche zu starten. 024,104 768w 15.00 € 026 102 720w 8.00 Magura rubber grip, gas side, white F grommet. Chevrolet, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, MG etc. Only by telephone appointment. with a 4 speed gearbox was introduced in 1951 & had almost Manufactured: 1949. they are for classic cars, motorcycles or scooters, but there are many Find great deals on eBay for nsu max. NSU Motorenwerke AG, or NSU, was a German manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles and pedal cycles, founded in 1873.Acquired by Volkswagen Group in 1969, VW merged NSU with Auto Union, creating Audi NSU Auto Union AG, ultimately Audi. You are the proud owner of a NSU motorcycle and would like to repair or restore it yourself, but did not know from where you can get the spare parts you need; or you want to buy a restored NSU motorcycle or purchase for restoration, but do not get the right offers, or … inexpensive Air cooled, single cylinder 2 stroke engine with a 2 speed transmission Peter Schönhaar. Dafür haben wir ein Reparaturteil ins Programm aufgenommen. the people that can help you most!! Accessories such as helmets jet approved and non-approved helmets Integral retro, motorcycle goggles Halcyon , plates , etc. Tel. which will be shown for an unlimited time. parts available worldwide for all models manufactured during the 20th century. Every issue delivers exciting and evocative articles and photographs of the most brilliant, unusual and … Made in Germany. unlimited time ad section a try for just a one off payment of only Info. 351 cc  4 stroke engine coupled to a 3 speed gearbox &