The Northern pygmy owl is the closest relative of the hawk owl. This is a very vocal owl, with three more common calls. Near Libby Montana The Northern Hawk Owl is a bird of the remote Alaskan and Canadian boreal forests. Greetings between a paired couple are a soft uih or ugh. The owl has adaptive traits that assist it to survive in its forest habitat: 1. Survival Adaptations: The Northern Spotted Owl is endangered because of loss of habitat and the constant fights for territory with other dominant birds. The hawk owl is easily recognized by its tail, which is longer than usual for owls, and by its pale facial disk, bordered with black.Its wings are fairly short and pointed, giving it a hawklike appearance in flight. References: This owl is usually found in northern coniferous forests to the tundra edge. Snowy owl structural adaptations facts. Read this BirdEden post to find out the habitat, eating habits, conservation status, and other cool facts about this lone surviving member of the species. Title two of the owl’s adaptive traits and the way it helps it survive: 2. The EPW was for the Northern Hawk Owl. Asked by Wiki User. Irruptions of this species occur when food sources grow minimal up north, and the hawk-owls travel south into northwest Montana. In North America, this owl can be found in Alaska, (in the U.S.) and throughout much of Canada. Its name reflects the fact that this diurnal owl has both the appearance and behavior of a hawk… The juveniles of this species are commonly eaten by other big birds such as the Great Horned Owl, Red Hawk and the Coopers Hawk. The Northern Hawk Owl is the only living species of its genus in the family Strigidae. What are the adaptations of a hawk owl? It hunts by day, watching from a perch in the trees then flying down after prey. Facts About Northern Hawk Owls That Will Make You Gawk. The Northern Hawk-Owl (Surnia ulula) is a rare winter visitor to Montana. Be the first to answer! Answer. In response to last week’s column about the northern hawk owl, Joe Fernandez of Orono — a friend and former co-worker of mine — said he was inspired to do more research on this bird. Finally, the Hawk eats what is inside the owl. Following are the snowy owl facts on lifestyle and adaptations. The Northern Hawk Owl lives in northern coniferous forests. The northern hawk-owl (Surnia ulula) is a medium-sized true owl of the northern latitudes. The hawk owl is recognized as a bird of falconry in Ontario and can be utilized to hunt game, but only with proper license. This is the only living species in the genus Surnia and family Strigidae. 0 0 1.