I’m so glad and so thankful for the reassurance that I’m picking something good for our family! How does Back to Nature rank as a non-GMO company? SpartanNash’s website claims their Full Circle brand is “100% natural and/or organic and environmentally friendly.” Since the “natural” term means absolutely nothing (it’s just a marketing term in the food world) and their reference to organic comes behind an “and/or” disclaimer, these two facts would have us steering away from this brand—UNLESS you ALSO see a USDA Organic or Non-GMO Project certification label on the item. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention! Fields of Athenry Farm – Purcellville,Virginia. These people can EASILY be bought out and in our opinion, ARE. . I’ll be on the lookout for USDA Organic cream-style corn now! Remove from heat and let stand (covered) for 5 to 10 minutes. It may be their marketing effort at saying “something! do NOT trust the USDA organic label. We’ve fixed it. Rice is a versatile grain that’s enjoyed globally. Their website makes it pretty clear: Back to Nature has achieved Non GMO Project Verification on over 70 products since we began the process back in January 2015. And is walmart brand food(greater value) a good brand? I hope its not to late…. The North Bay Trading Company is a family-run business whose products undergo voluntary audits by the Global Food Safety Initiative. If you are also able to, avoid “corporate owned” organic brands, since the parent corporation walks both sides of the fence by owning an organic brand, while fighting GMO labeling at every turn. Shasta, California. It is called the New World Order. Nothing is on Walmart’s website just yet, but, long-time members of the Grocery Manufacturers Association, an organization that consistently donates millions of dollars to fight GMO labeling measures, : Manufacturer of soy products including tofu and tempeh using gmo-free soy; owner of Silk Soymilk. Thanks for your response. . !!!!! , think you can add alden organic ice cream? improves the overall quality and productivity. I live in WA state – hope 522 passes. Raised humanely with sustainable ranching practices. We’ll be happy to add you. Raised w/o Antibiotics Would you clarify? We were referred by one of our loyal customers, Carolyn Heller. As for GMOs and pesticides, under “Rich Flavor” on their Home page, they indicate their cattle feed on “clover, rye and natural grains.” <– was "grains" a typo? We the consumer should demand that all foods be labeled, we have the power, why do not use. I am not sure where you saw this claim, but it doesn’t seem to be substantiated on their website. Endangered species chocolate produces Non-Gmo dark and milk chocolate and spreads in various flavors also 10% of all purchases goes to helping endangered species. You are so smart and gifted for this amazing well put very informative article. Change ). We’ll be making a note about this on our page that lists Smart Phone Apps too…, BJ ANNOUNCE ORGANIC LINE MILK CEREAL FRUITS AND MEAT. As of this article’s publication, the product above is out of stock from the retailer. Very best of luck and lots of kudos to you! I say, our ignorance is no longer bliss it’s deadly. Have posted it to my FB page. It’s also a good source of fiber and protein. But, from what I’m understanding… it’s very bad. It just means that right now, these are the two best methods to avoid GMOs as much as possible. If a farmer starts with a non-GMO seed, but does not raise it organically, does that mean it may have pesticides/herbicides/insecticides? Assuming you are referring to Dean Foods, the corporate entity responsible for the various dairy brands Land O’Lakes, Garelick Farms, Alta Dena, Country Fresh, Berkeley Farms, and Mayfield Dairy… you can read their views about GMOs on this page, complete with a link to an industry sponsored pro-GMO website called GMO Facts. See their website: http://barbaras.com/commitment/non-gmo-commitment/. One question: on your website, under the “Products” section, you show three products with the USDA Organic insignia on the box (Original Nut Burgers, Nut Tacos, and Nutballs). You are most welcome. I appreciate your comment, but I’d like to encourage you to read a little more carefully. Que Pasa Tortilla Chips I believe are organic and gmo free. Last month, I even saw one of their products contain canola oil!!! Why is Sara lee products is not on the list, https://www.cornucopia.org/2010/02/corporate-baking-giant-sara-lee-hijacks-organics/. The only real way to know where your food comes from is to hope you get a hold of non GMO seeds and grow it yourself. We definitely appreciate Barbara’s efforts to become certified by the Non-GMO Project. Best rice for sushi: Shirakiku’s Koshihikari Rice, 12. Ah, good catch on Late July! So thinking they are pesticide free is unrealistic. Do you know about a list of GMO, or non-GMO, European brands? (Sorry to be the bearer of less than happy news!). That’s how very important and valuable the information is that you provide. Kettle chips has an organic bag… then all the rest… (which have canola)… canola I did contact Pamela’s products and let them know what Buycott had listed, which is a massive error. Last but not least, this website will help you find products that have been certified by the Non-GMO Project: http://www.nongmoproject.org/find-non-gmo/search-participating-products/. They’re working on being GMO verified as well! Nature’s Promise: see Giant Foods’ Nature’s Promise above. Please help. Shop for Thrive Market’s Organic Black Rice online. Please look at this chart and you will see that most of the above companies are owned by larger corporations who support monsanto financially. While tasty and convenient, boxed rice — also called pre-seasoned rice — is often packed with added ingredients like flavorings, colors, and preservatives. Thanks for the tip, we’ve added them! If you google “which vegetables contain most pesticides” you’ll find multiple websites with all sorts of opinions… that could serve as a guide for you to choose which ones to buy exclusively organic. why aren’t the against gmos on the governments bottom or case with a lawsuite against these new laws deregulating Monsanto more..and a general lawsuite in general.the new law that the government slipped into a defence bill is that Monsanto cant be sued if their product is dangerous to humans or even if there seeds and product is dangerous to people…. Besides the wheat Montana and King arthur flour, is there any other brands of flour that is also non-GMO? We wrote about this in more depth on this blog post: https://gmo-awareness.com/2011/05/05/is-organic-always-gmo-free/, Regarding Woodstock Farms organics, many of their fruits and vegetables are labeled organic, but they are “imported from China” YUK.