what i am saying is you must manually install. Download the 4GB Patch Current Version: The only (very minor) issue I've run into is it causes your screenshots to be saved in another location, so you have to manually move them to the original new vegas screenshots folder if you want to share them. Edited by Cyberlazy, 21 May 2012 - 08:45 PM. The vanilla executable does not have the Large Address Aware flag set so it will only access *2GB* - to leave room for the OS and other programs. Of course there's a problem with the engine that won't let it actually get the full 4 - slightly over 3 is the best you'll get. You may have to do it twice to get it to work. ... Set the Large Address Aware flag to allow the game to use the full 4GB or RAM that 32 bit applications are limited to. Setting Up Large Address Aware. Fallout New vegas by default used only 2GB. I originally wrote this tool for a friend of mine who needed it. anyway any 4gb goes to the same place. The entire purpose of it is to let New Vegas use up to 4 GB … Get this mod The one we just ran the 4GB Patcher in. you run fnv4gbfose.exe Do not delete any of the files that come with nvse when using fnv4gbfose.exe NVSE = New Vegas script *extender* btw. ... You can use the 4gb fix found here [newvegas.nexusmods.com], to make the game use more than 2gb, works well and significantly reduces crashing. This very little tool patches x86 executables in order to let them have 4GB (instead of only 2) of virtual memory on x64 platforms. There have been many patches and solutions to make Fallout New Vegas 4GB. The 4gb loader? In my experience it doesnt disable steam achievements. 4GB NV sets that flag so that it will be able to access the full 4GB. By using this patcher you can simply run it and it will patch your exe file to run at 4GB instead allowing much smoother gameplay especially with high resolution texture packs such as NMC or Ojo Bueno . ... Just extract the contents of the folder within the zip file you downloaded into your Fallout New Vegas folder. Fallout: New Vegas. The 4GB loader shouldn't affect performance regardless (unless it does more than set the large address aware flag). Thanks man, finally a simple answer. Use WINE to run nvse_loader.exe. #2. FNV4GB is a tool to load Fallout New Vegas with the Large Address Aware executable flag set so the entire 4GB Virtual Memory Address Space can be used by the game. mod manager don't put mods were the game's exe it it goes in the data folder(if i remember right). It should basically boot up Fallout: New Vegas. Next time read the mod page before downloading. You don't run fnv4gb.exe when using 4gb+NVSE. 4GB Fallout New Vegas. Large Address Aware flag (>2Gb) I tried CFF Explorer, the same way I had for Oblivion and Fallout 3, but it didn't work with Fallout New Vegas. This is useful when using lots of mods. The 4gb loader makes it so the game uses 4gb instead of 2gb (if you have it which you likely do).