Tongariro became New Zealand’s first national park in 1887. De tongariro crossing is de bekendste 'one day-hike'. It has erupted over 70 times in the last few years. The Both Tongariro and Ngauruhoe are part of the “circum-Pacific seismic belt” or “Ring of Fire” region known for its seismic activity and volcanism. Mount Tongariro sits in the protected area of Tongariro National Park. Door de vallei of juist avontuurlijk de vulkanen op. All you need to know about the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Mount Ruapehu, active volcano and highest peak (9,176 feet [2,797 m]) on North Island, New Zealand, in Tongariro National Park. Mount Tongariro Tongariro … Mount Ruapehu is situated on the Taupo Plateau, which rises 2,000 to 3,000 feet (about 600 to 900 m) above sea level, Ruapehu erupted in 1945–46 and again in 1995–96. The Tongariro National Park is rich in both cultural identity and dramatic, awe-inspiring natural scenery. This park has world heritage status and was chosen for its combination of unique beauty and cultural importance. Mount Ruapehu is the highest mountain in the North Island reaching almost 2800 m. Alongside Tongariro's Mount Ngauruhoe and Mount Taranaki in Egmont National Park, these three are the only peaks with a height of over 2000 m in the North Island. Mount Tongariro is 1,978 m (6,490 ft) tall. Route, Map, Transport, Shuttle, What to take and wear to plan your trip. Ze zijn namelijk heilig voor de Maori's. Tongariro National park is een magisch park. Mount Tongariro is een complexe vulkaan op het Noordereiland van Nieuw-Zeeland. Hij is van de drie actieve vulkanen, die het centrale deel van het Noordereiland domineren, het meest noordelijk gelegen. Het wordt gedomineerd door de 'sacred' vulkanen. Mount Tongariro is in the central North Island of New Zealand.It has 12 cones on top of its mountain. Er zijn veel wandelroutes. New Zealand's oldest national park and a dual World Heritage Site. The image above shows Mount Tongariro as it appeared at 12:55 a.m. New Zealand time on August 7, 2012 (12:55 p.m. Universal Time on August 6). De vulkaan ligt twintig kilometer ten zuidwesten van Lake Taupo. Just over one hundred years later, the park was awarded dual UNESCO World Heritage status for both its cultural significance to the Māori people, as well as its outstanding natural features. Mount Tongariro was the last peak to erupt, with two eruptions occuring in 2012. De vulkanen hebben een oud Maori mythe wat nog steeds voelbaar is.