It’s almost a requirement to have a minimum of three SM57s in my book! Neewer 7 Piece Wired Dynamic Drum Mic Kit - Kick Bass, Tom/Snare & Cymbals Microphone Set - for Drums, Vocal, Other Instrument - Complete with Thread Clip, Inserts, Mics Holder & … You can definitely feel this effect when you place it closer to your kick, since it has a massive SPL of 174 dB, making it able to withstand immense dynamic ranges up close. The pack includes the following mics: A lot of engineers complain that the D6 is has too much pre-eq, leading to an already-processed sound, but I think the mic sounds incredible on kick drums. This makes it just about one of the most quiet microphones you to buy, period. When you purchase the C414 XLS (pair), you will get shockmounts and windscreens for each microphone, as well as a stereo bar and an aluminum protective carrying case. If you’re unaware what close and distance miking are, read on. For example, a SM57 mounted right above the head of a snare drum is close-miked. However, if you do have in ears and want to use them, I highly suggest doing so. If you want your demos for your band or your YouTube videos to have a professional sound, overhead microphones help them get there. Stepping up to the plate and recording music for the first time can be extremely daunting. While you can purchase drum microphones individually, buying a drum mic kit offers a simple solution with a bundled monetary benefit. The design also makes it great at preventing phase interference between the sound coming directly at it, or reflections within the space. The snare is the next instrument you have to mic. If you need help in deciding which is the best drum microphone for you, check out the buying guide section of this post. If you’re only using close mics, your cymbals will be left out of the mix and you won’t be happy with the end result. I always joke around with sound engineers about adding more hi-hat to the mix. The overhead microphones change the game when it comes to an in-ear monitor mix. The Best Mics for Recording Bass Guitar and Kick Drums; Up next… 3. The Studio Elite 8 includes, as the name suggests, eight microphones to capture the sound of your kit. And they are also found quite often in project home studios by the discerning buyer. The Sennheiser MD 421 II drum mic, however, is a modern update on a classic vintage, released in 2002. Look at the style of music you are miking. Also considered were product reviews, and buyer reviews from pro audio owners. The design of the microphone itself makes it great at doing one thing very well: record the insides of an instrument. For starters, they sell these in packs of three. This is definitely one of the more “intimate” microphones you can use to record your drums in a studio. It’s a great microphone that you can use for on stage or in the studio. With this microphone, you find that minimal to no EQing is required for achieve the ideal kick sound for your music. In fact, this microphone is often the go-to snare drum (or tom) microphone in a producer or sound engineer’s kit. Your live mix can sometimes lack a sense of space (even with artificial reverb). Required fields are marked *. They sound great! The reason is because you want to be able to control the way this drum will sound in a mix. They have a particular sound of their own that, once you get used to them, you’ll be pointing out all the famous recordings it was used on. I can’t come up with any other reason that you would want to pick up this kit. It may be difficult to narrow down which kit will work best for you, but I have taken most of the hard work out for you. This can be great if you’re going for that warm sound. The super flat frequency response gives it a neutral result in the bass, middle, and high frequencies. Being large diaphragm condensers also, they can handle the power of the snare and toms cutting through, and give the kick adequate push in your recordings. Let’s go over them together right now. Hopefully, this guide was able to help you decided on the right buying choice for you. It has a frequency response of 40 Hz – 18 kHz, contoured specifically for the toms, percs, and snare. Data was compiled from forums like Gearslutz and Reddit’s r/WeAreTheMusicMakers thread. Amazon and other online retailers were them used to determine which drum microphone per category and price range was the best rated, and had the most ratings, and reviews by satisfied customers. The ones mentioned in this list will be sufficient for that. When you purchase the pair, you’ll get a wooden case, pop filter, and two microphone clips. They don’t sound “genius,” but the SM57 drum mic can’t disappoint you in terms of sound quality, and they actually offer a very clear and honest sound that you can depend on session after session.