’PATAPHYSICS (London Institute of), MODERNISTS (Miscellaneous) THIERI FOULC & PIERRE MAC ORLAN quantity. The Journal of the London Institute of 'Pataphysics • Number 12.5 (Supplement) • Tatane 143 EP (July 2016 vulg.) At around this time, Asger Jorn, a pataphysician and member of the Situationist International, referred to 'pataphysics as a new reli… [18] She was elected in 2014 to succeed Her Magnificence Lutembi – a crocodile[19][20] who succeeded Opach,[21] The Baron Mollet[22] and Doctor Sandomir.[23][24]. The institute also contains a pataphysical museum and archive and organised the Anthony Hancock Paintings and Sculptures exhibition in 2002. Pataphors unsettle this mechanism; they use the facade of metaphorical similarity as a basis for establishing an entirely new range of references and outlandish articulations: a new world in the midst of the old, the novel taking to the streets. [4], 'Pataphysics is patient; 'Pataphysics is benign; 'Pataphysics envies nothing, is never distracted, never puffed up, it has neither aspirations nor seeks not its own, it is even-tempered, and thinks not evil; it mocks not iniquity: it is enraptured with scientific truth; it supports everything, believes everything, has faith in everything and upholds everything that is. The London Institute of 'Pataphysics was established in September 2000 to promote ‘pataphysics in the English-speaking world. [87] Pataphors have also been used in literary criticism,[88] and mentioned in Art in America. 20 Ibid.:11. Thus it can present itself under the aspect of a gas, a liquid or a solid. artists books and small press publications. [6] Some examples are shown below. Musée Patamécanique. Add to cart. [76], The pataphor has been subject to commercial interpretations,[77] usage in speculative computer applications,[78] applied to highly imaginative problem solving methods[79] and even politics on the international level[80] or theatre The Firesign Theatre (a comedy troupe whose jokes often rely on pataphors). [bgmp-map width=”660″ height=”500″ center=”17 Pitfield st. London N1 6HB” zoom=”12″ type=”terrain”] ), Morton, Donald. The Journal of the London Institute of ’Pataphysics, issue 12, dated February 2016, carries the text of ’Spirit’ Photography, a 1965 booklet that Simeon Edmunds wrote for the SPR. [original research? Bricmont “Jean Baudrillard” in Fashionable Nonsense: But lacking the kind of provocative packaging Atlas in association with The London Institute of Pataphysics has given this version, it made a rather minor impact on me at the time. [7] as cited in[6] (A humorous allusion to First Corinthians 13 about the virtues of love. ), in the presence of various dignitaries of the Collège de ’Pataphysique, including the Provéditeur-Convecteur, Thieri Foulc, and Stanley Chapman, Regent, and current President of the LIP. 21 Ubu is defined by Baudrillard in this Pataphysics text as “the gaseous and caricatural state…” (page … [28] The Oulipo began as a subcommittee of the college.[29][30]. Whereas a metaphor compares a real object or event to a seemingly unrelated subject to emphasize their similarities, the pataphor uses the newly created metaphorical similarity as a reality on which to base itself. At around this time, Asger Jorn, a pataphysician and member of the Situationist International, referred to 'pataphysics as a new religion.[54]. The London Institute of 'Pataphysics. Jarry mandated the inclusion of the apostrophe in the orthography, 'pataphysique and 'pataphysics, "...to avoid a simple pun". The official orchestra of the London Institute of 'Pataphysics is the London Snorkelling Team. In going beyond mere ornamentation of the original idea, the pataphor seeks to describe a new and separate world, in which an idea or aspect has taken on a life of its own.[74][75].