. Your unwillingness to make executive decisions when necessary tends to slow down projects.   But you need to be aware that relying on control and punishment to maintain standards will likely drive people away. Your style of communication can, at times, come off as verbose and flowery. Read more below. You give your team members free rein in how they work toward their goals. We have numerous resources on leadership styles and approaches in our Leadership Skills toolkit. And they inspire them to reach for the seemingly impossible. You'll need to judge carefully As a result, you'll likely gain creative input and fresh ideas that you wouldn't have come up with if you were working alone. Be in no doubt, though, that as the leader you will still be held accountable for the outcome! Leadership Style Test 15 minutes. Your style of communication can, at times, come off as harsh and insensitive. Let Mind Tools help you personally and professionally develop yourself for a happier and more successful life. Subscribe to our Transformational leadership is the best approach for most situations. This quiz will help you to identify the style that you naturally lean toward, and introduce you to alternative approaches that you might find it helpful to develop, and the occasions when they may be appropriate. Change can occur at any time in business, so your organization's requirements for your team might shift after your initial brief. All rights reserved. This approach is helpful when your team needs to follow a process "to the letter," to manage a significant risk. Quiz to Determine your Leadership Style. You lean toward a democratic or participative style of leadership. But it's not great in a high-pressure situation that requires a fast turnaround, as it will slow you down. Transformer. There are no right or wrong answers; you should choose the option that strikes closest to home. 1. Given below is a list of questions that will help you determine your individual style of leadership. Harvard University professor Ron Heifetz This leadership style quiz will help you understand the management styles you tend to employ. Use what you learn as a starting point to consider if a leadership role is right for you, as well as to get a sense of your current leadership strengths and areas where you may need to approve. But there are many approaches available to us, and a good leader is able to adapt their style according to the situation and the people involved. tools and resources that you'll find here at Mind Tools. Use Policy. This style can build trust between you and your people, as they'll likely feel engaged and valued. Newsletter Sign What’s best for your organization and people may not be the best for others. How does the leadership style quiz work? You might find the following articles helpful: Eric Flamholtz and Yvonne Randle's Leadership Style Matrix . The first step to becoming a great leader is developing self-awareness. It can work, however, if they are experienced, knowledgeable, confident, creative, and driven, or if deadlines are flexible and processes are simple. You'll also miss out on a wealth of ideas, thereby stifling innovation and creativity. join the Mind Tools Club and really supercharge your career! Policy, Acceptable For each question, complete the statement by choosing one of the three options: A, B or C. Please answer according to how you would behave in reality, rather than how you think you should behave. Just be sure to delegate Help your people to continue their learning at a time and a place which suits them.   So let's look in more depth at Lewin's leadership styles, their strengths and risks, and how you might become more skillful in using them. Understanding your leadership style is the first step in developing your leadership skills. Traditionally, authoritarians make decisions without any real participation or input from subordinates. So: Be aware that processes could become dangerously slow if you involve your team members in every decision.   Copyright © 2020 Idealist / Action Without Borders. The Blake-Mouton Managerial Grid . This can translate into high absenteeism and turnover rates. By knowing yourself, you can adjust to different scenarios and determine what leadership style will work for that particular situation. . Roll up your sleeves and do more than your share of the work, hoping others will follow your lead. © Emerald Works Limited 2020. – a model developed in the 1930s that is still popular and useful today. Avoid becoming too remote, even with a high-performing, highly autonomous team. Our online leadership style trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top leadership style quizzes. Remember, leadership is not a perfect science. Did you achieve your leadership role thanks to your technical expertise? it comes a long way. I think autonomy and ownership are useful ways to build up a strong team. You most commonly adopt an authoritarian or autocratic leadership style.