According to the Iowa Courts site, certain data is shown exclusively to subscribers to the Iowa Courts site. You can do this online or call the jail. About Jail and Inmate Records in Iowa Iowa inmate records are the responsibility of the County Sheriff in each county and the Iowa Department of Corrections. 74% of all inmates are male with the rest female. The Iowa Courts site is run by the Iowa Courts. Disposition of cases can be searched at Iowa Courts Online. VIDEO: November 19, 2020 Scott County, Iowa & Rock Island County, Illinois Health Departments Press Briefing Posted: November 19, 2020 COVID-19 Press Briefing - November 17, 2020 Jail and Inmate Search in Iowa. To do an inmate search online, you will need to click this link to be directed to the Inmate Search Inquiry page. The Polk County Sheriff's Office does not provide case disposition. You can search through the whole list of inmates, or you can search by name, subject number, or booking number. LOOKING FOR COURT RECORDS? You must register with the IOWA Courts site for this information. There is a subscription fee. A few County Sheriff’s offices provide an online searchable database whereby inmate searches can be performed by name. Disclaimer: Record of an arrest is not an indication of guilt. IA has a current jail and prison population of 8,424. Inmates with Federal charges are not listed. Among all the correctional facilities in the state as a whole, they are over capacity by about 15%. The largest age group of about 35-40% are in the 31-50 age range. CLICK HERE FOR IOWA COURTS ONLINE SEARCH SITE. Released Inmate Search A search of Polk County Jail records for inmates released in the previous 365 days. IA’s inmate recidivism rate is 35.4%.