One of the most important conservation benefits provided by wildlife tourism occurs when it provides an economic incentive for maintaining or restoring natural habitats. There could be either positive and/or negative impacts and RANGE OF IMPACTS OF TOURISM AND WILDLIFE ON ENVIRONMENT 16 2.1 Issues to address when considering risks to the sustainability of wildlife tourism 17 2.2 Environmental impacts of tourists 19 2.3 Social and cultural impacts of tourism 19 2.4 Human–wildlife conflicts 20 2.5 Positive effects of wildlife tourism … The negative effect wildlife tourism have on animals are the effects of feeding animals, cars in parking lots that might injury or kill animals and habitat changes. The extent of negative impacts on The drawbacks As wildlife tourism in an area increases, more people will interact with that wildlife. The positive effect is when the wildlife interactions are under proper supervision there will be a financial contribution, and also education to the tourist and the people helping. Wildlife tourism is a major source of revenue for countries in Africa and South American countries. However without proper coordination, it can negatively impact on the wildlife and their habitat. The negative effects of wildlife tourism and related human activities on wildlife can be grouped into three main categories: (1) disruption of activity, (2) direct killing or injury, and (3) habitat alteration (including provision of food). organisations that operate wildlife tourism, or through their effects on the wider host community. Usually as one component of nature-based tourism, wildlife tourism This can be a real problem because some wild animals aren’t fond of having people around, and humans often leave trash and other substances that can negatively impact the habitat of a species. The collapse of tourism and its impact on wildlife tourism destinations DavidNewsome Abstract Purpose – To evaluate some of the current discussion about the possible impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on wildlife tourism destinations. For sustainable tourism, structures should be put in place to minimise the negative effects of tourism to wildlife.