As a Healer, Briv also excels - but ONLY if he's tanking (normally). And Walnut only need to be attacked a few times for her wilshape to get a few stacks. But I digress. Netherese Steel, which stacks infinitely, is his only other buff. Netherese Steel: Briv increases the damage of all Champions behind him by 0.01% for each stack of Steelbones he has gained. All of his roles syngerize well with each other, and his is certainly a case of the sum of his parts adding up to more than their individual components. This could all charge when more Aeoris enter the pool, of course. Qillek has epics, 1 GE and low item level and only hits e7% with max Aeoris from Aila and Sentry. Netherese Steel stacks remain even if the game crashes or your leave (so long as you are still in your current adventure). Divine Patience: Have Briv gain more than 250,000 stacks of Steelbones in one adventure. On Xbox one briv's steelbones stacks don't seem to do anything to my dps.. Boss levels skipped still yield full rewards (gems, chests, red jewels, etc) as if the boss were actually killed. But it does matter if you're skipping 1 stage or 4 stages. This only works if Briv can be legally targetted by the enemies. 3 Official Idle Champions newsletter 4 List of combinations Combinations are codes that are 12-16 characters long that can be input into the combinations dialog in the shop from the "unlock a locked chest" button to get free chests, buffs, or other in-game items including skins and even champions! When you reset the adventure, all stacks of Steelbones that Briv has gained convert into stacks of Sprint, which persist between resets until they are used by this ability. Be aware that you must reset in order to gain stacks of Sprint. ", Briv heals himself of 100% of the damage he takes every 10 hits. Don't you need 500lvs on an epic item slot 4 to reach 100% chance? One strategy is to load up a run with Steelbones, then convert to Sprint for many runs. His base All Champion damage comes in at 1024x, which also beats out event sole Support tagged champions (looking at you, Sisaspia and Morgaen). This compares to ~e6% Netherese Steel buff (with decent stacks, base value no gear), and 1.02e5% Global DPS. Likewise, his taunt also interferes with Turiel's Order's Demand ability. The heal Phlo provides isn't even remotely big enough to have any real impact on anything, not even maintenance; yeah, it's a large heal to the rest of the party who aren't tanks, but it really doesn't feel like it deserves comments to the extent that it 'excels', Sooo... What am I missing here, that's leading other people to say that he's excellent, and out-performing other options even without gear? Healing Phlo: Briv's pet flumph Phlo appears next to Briv and telepathically stores healing power whenever Briv is hit. Just get him to a level with a very high percent of skipping rather than letting it decrease and get more floors. Briv must be in formation when the level finishes; he does not have the start the level in formation. Unused Sprint stacks persist through resets. Whenever Briv comes under attack metal shoots out of his pores and covers him in strong armor. As a comparison, Calliope for me gets 3e7% Valor buff and, 1.54e5% Global DPS with top-notch gear. I guess this means that Briv will work better for Krull pushing than the other speed champs, as you'll often be fighting 20-50 creeps nearing the wall, waiting for the traitor bomb to go off. Truthfully, I didn't want to do this guide and just be a lazy procrastinator. And even then, why use the contracts on him instead of avren or krull who have multiple good items and an item with a multiplicative bonus? After 10 hits or 10 seconds, whichever comes first, Phlo heals all Champions for 50% of the damage Briv took during that time. Briv has a lot of roles to fill here! Briv increases the max health of all other Champions by 25% of his max health. Assuming I read the description correctly, As long as a mob cannot one-shot Briv, it will be impossible for a mob to kill Briv. If I’m coming into this event with all new heroes, where should I drop my free plays? He uses his Unnatural Haste ability to speed up area progression, and his Steelbones boosts his defense while buffing Champions behind him. Assemble a party of champions and master the art of Formation Strategy. Oath of Heroism: Briv increases the max health of all other Champions by 25% of his max health. (For the record, I'm not new to the game - I've gone through many new champions, and have everyone unlocked, and I've always found Psylisa's guides to be very accurate and very helpful for assessing things, but this one just feels dramatically over-sold to me.). Upgrade your heroes, collect unique gear, and unlock new Champions in regular new events. The good news is that he does all 3 extremely well. Any enemies hit by the AoE can be taunted. Also, you didn't mention Quilek's synergy with sentry or Alia. Briv cleaves a random enemy with his greatsword. As Sentry's buff is not about how many attacks her, but how many enemies are on screen. So you could have around a 90% chance of skipping the bad floor when you sub him in. Went from 1,1k to 2k stacks and my dps hasn't budged.. Claims to be giving me 1289% damage increase but it doesn't show in static dps nor does it feel like I'm killing enemies any faster, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the idlechampions community. This effect persists as long as Briv remains under attack, and for an additional five seconds afterwards. Unlocked at level 200. Usually, but it all depends on your gear. When you want to add Briv to your formation, you can swap him with Calliope (Slot 5). You don't need extravagant formation positioning to make use of his abilities. 2 Where can I find valid combinations? Just don't expect him to be invincible when tanking higher level stages due to how Overwhelm and Enrage operates, and take his self-heal for a survival edge rather than a solution to dying. For my first tank, I swap Nayeli/Gromma for fat debuff action and Nayeli's excellent buffage. Wonder what slot he'll be in. (not fool-proof but semi functional) #1. Regarding the heal and survivability: If you pick the healing specialization and have Mirt's "Perk up" perk, Briv heals the party for 100% of the damage he has taken in the last 10 hits/10 seconds. As somebody who doesn't have maxed out CDR on Tyril, I really appreciate briv. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. On each enemy hit, there is a 20% chance that they will stop attacking another Champion and attack Briv if possible. Gear, feats, and specialization do modify the post-stack value, as well as Briv's own level up bonuses. This works, even if you aren't going to use Briv to tank. It should only take 4% of your current stacks. Truthfully, Briv gives Havilar a run for her money, and almost beats out my Calliope. Your back line getting hit is really no problem for Briv! Note: if the chance of springing forward surpasses 100%, it is divided by 2 and becomes a 50%+ chance to spring forward 2 areas. He has no innate tanking ability to increase damage based on the number of enemies he tanks (such as Nayeli's Aura of Protection or Tyril's Forces of Good). Overall, I think that's a net loss because I'm forced to use Aila (rather than swapping) and forced to use Sentry rather than a tank that buffs more. Basic AttackMocking Cleave: Briv leaps out and attacks a random enemy with his greatsword, cleaving all nearby enemies as well. Were you including the bonus from that when you said Briv would provide a better bonus? As long as you tank with him at some point during your run to gain stacks, you can put him anywhere in front of your DPS, and he'll still confer his DPS bonus. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. Does using Sentry mean you lose DPS overall instead of a different tank? The question: How many sprint stacks give how many skips? This ability never increases beyond the base 0.01% per stack value. Unlocked at level 215, Cost 1.94e20. When you want to add Briv to your formation, you can swap him with Calliope (Slot 5). He'll still heal the formation every 10 hits or 10 seconds for the damage he takes.