A small honorarium was received for this article. Before & After. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 1987; 92: 33 – 40. The subsurface mineral loss alters the refractive index. At this point the final result can be previewed. Before and After (Click to enlarge) Dental Cosmetic Bonding. You can etch multiple times if there is a very thick pseudo-intact surface layer. 2007; 68: 353 – 63. Email. Final polish with Shofu OneGloss (Fig. Dent Mater 2007, 23(6):742-8. It is advisable to agitate the acid during this time period to prevent buffering and allow for a better result. There’s only one, it’s made by DMG and it’s called Icon. You are all so wonderful. The Continuum of Dental, Caries-Evidence for a Dynamic Disease Process. 2. DMG, Hamburg. Quintessence Int 2009;40:713-8. Local anaesthetic is not required. Demineralization/RemineralizationIn order to understand the process and the rationale for case selection, one must first look at the aetiology of demineralization. 11). 17. These include, but are not limited to; fluoride exposure, calcium and phosphate availability, glass ionomer restorative or preventative therapy, chlorhexidine use, xylitol exposure, and use of sealants. Your email address will not be published. by Carla Elizabeth Cohn, DDS. 2. Dental technology and our materials are evolving daily. Especially compared with options like veneers! Oral Health Journal, January 2012. 28. Icon-Infiltrant, a resin with a high penetration coefficient, is then applied with the supplied applicator in a series of two applications and cured as prescribed.9,10 Due to the dry field created by application of the Icon-Dry, the resin is drawn into the lesion by capillary action. The whitish appearance is masked due to reduction of light scattering.14 The refraction index of the Icon-infiltrant is similar to enamel and so the white spot lesion is virtually “erased,” giving an excellent cosmetic result.15 The method is straightforward and the results are immediate and permanent. The demineralization process begins with an acid attack (H+) and subsequent mineral loss (Ca+ and PO4) from the enamel surface of the tooth (Fig. Repeat the infiltration process with a new vestibular tip. J Orofac Orthop. J Dent Res 2008, (Spec Iss B):1585. Below, Dr. Fajiram talks about the case. Name. Maxfield B, Hamdan A, Tufekci E, Shroff B, Best A, Lindauer S, Development of white spot lesions during orthodontic treatment: Perceptions of patients, parents, orthodontists, and general dentists, Am Journal of Orthod and Dentofac Orthop March 2012; 141, 3, 337 – 343. Learn more about our services for dental care in Anchorage, Alaska, by calling Fresh Dental Care at 907-276-1050 today and scheduling an appointment with our dentist. DMG, Hamburg, Germany. Paris S, Meyer-Lueckel H, Kielbassa AM. J Dent Res. For particularly persistent discolorations, the Icon-Etch can be mixed with pumice powder; the Icon-Etch can then be activated when applied, i.e. The demineralization/remineralization balance is influenced by many circumstances (Fig. Not wanting to make any promises I couldn’t keep, I told her I had a new product I could try. White spot lesions can develop in as little as one month.16-18 These lesions have been reported at incidences as high as 73%-95%.19-20 The lesions are not usually detected until debanding, presenting a significant esthetic problem. Icon is the product of the DMG for carie infiltration and stops early ... there has never really been a satisfactory solution for treating these white spots, which often occur after removing dental braces. Awaiting confirmation from clinical studies. Rubber dam is placed to isolate the field — do not use rubber dam made with thermoplastic elastomers (Figs. Phark JH, Duarte S. Clinical performance and color stability of infiltrated smooth surface lesions. The procedure was fast, incredibly simple and completely pain free. Icon (DMG), caries Infiltration CONcept, is a product used to arrest further demineralization of lesions. 20. This infiltrant is placed on the tooth where it seeps into smooth-surface lesions that haven’t fully cavitated (although if you ask me the ones in the “Before” picture above look way gnarled out) and pretty much does a little remineralization voodoo. 18. 27. Paris S, Meyer-Lueckel H. Masking of labial enamel white spot lesions by resin infiltration – A Clinical report. Surface layer erosion of natural caries lesions with phosphoric and hydrochloric acid gels in preparation for resin infiltration. DMG, Hamburg, Germany. Effect of caries infiltration technique and fluoride therapy on the color masking of white spot lesions. 16. Dry field is essential for success. DMG has developed a process by which these early lesions can be infiltrated with an unfilled low viscosity light cured resin and halt the progress of the demineralization. Jan 6, 2014 - Explore Icon Dental's board "Icon Dental before and after pictures" on Pinterest. The decision tree is designed to support the treatment planning process, to provide a better understanding of how discoloration of different origins can be treated and also to explain why there are differences in the treatment process. Meyer-Lueckel H, Paris S, Kielbassa AM. Even non-cariogenic enamel changes can be treated with Icon. If you are missing one or more teeth and wish to enjoy the confidence of beautiful teeth, then you are a candidate for a Bicon Dental Implant. 1). Patients, parents, orthodontists and general dentists all have the same perception that the appearance is highly undesirable.21 Studies show that Icon proved to be most effective at masking white spot lesions22 and less resistant to formation of new white spot lesions when compared to treatment with therapeutic fluoride solutions.23 Furthermore the colour stability of caries infiltrated teeth is durable.24,25 Case studies have been reported with excellent outcomes.26,27 In cases where white spot lesions are treated during active orthodontic therapy, the question of bond strength to treated surfaces must be raised. 19. Phark JH, Choo KM, Duarte S, Sadan A. Influences on Bond Strength of Orthodontic Brackets. 7, (2010). 8. 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