Your Chromebook should be completely unmanaged at this point and you should be free to use it without any management. I think it sticks with my Google account now because wherever I signed in to a new Chrome browser, it has "Managed by your organization" message under the settings menu. He signed in to google under my Google Chrome, which my account has signed in to my Chrome Browser. Sometimes they want to log in with their own personal Google account, and sometimes they want to bypass school or job enforced content filtering and app limitations. Seems to work fine, but then if you want to remove the account it is impossible. You can reset and unmanage a Chromebook in just a few steps and reset it. Enter the details for your Work or School Organisational Account (NOT another Personal MSA) This will then pull down the policy etc. I have no idea what school was it. Click "Connect" 4. 2. Ideally, assuming that this Chromebook has Enterprise Origin enabled, (meaning your Chromebook is locked down by an administrator and has probably disabled access to the TTY terminal, Crosh shell, and others) you can choose to purchase a new motherboard, with new RAM chips and memory, for that particular model. Sometimes people ask if it’s possible to “hack” or “bypass” the security on their school-issued Chrome OS devices. Remove administrator account through Command Prompt. gl. Follow below steps how to access blocked websites on Google chrome which added here with Images. Otherwise, you need to ask for your school domain administrator user for help. This is the administrator or admin account on Chrome OS, the operating system that runs on your Chromebook. Try this: 1. As of chrome v35, even if you wipe and reinstall chromeos, it will force you to reenroll your device unless the admin explicitly disabled that feature. 2. If they are legitimate reasons, you could try talking to the chromebook administrator about it but otherwise you are out of luck. You will need to be the Owner user on a Chromebook to perform … Unlocking your Chromebook when an administrator manages it can be such a challenging task. Step-1: Open Google chrome browser from PC or MAC and click on right side upper three Dot. 1. Step-2: When you clicked on three Dots of the Google chrome browser then new tab will be open find on this tab settings, click on settings Open Command Prompt as administrator. “Owner” on a Chromebook is the first user who logs into a new Chromebook. Why do you want to? you must do this in order to enable dev mode. If you have a college or school Chromebook managed by a centralised administrator, you can consider asking them to wipe all the data from the device. this type a chromebook (samsung xe303c12) to remove enterprise enrollment you have to open the bottom case and look for screw with a round sticker. Hi, thanks for your response! and link the account to Windows. 3. remove that sticker and then follow the above instructions. Open Settings > Accounts > Access work or school. In order to remove your computer from a domain, please check if you have local administrator account or the user account on your computer that has the permission to join and unjoin domains. The Chromebook administrator settings outlined above should be used as a temporary reminder to students that the use of school technology comes with responsibilities and expectations. Tags: Chromebooks, Chrome OS, Chromebook FAQ. Type in the command: net user username /delete, and press Enter. dev mode is write protected by the enterprise domain admin. Your Chromebook has now reset itself, and it should no longer be enrolled into any school or enterprise domain.