It is sold at Home Depot, Lowes and, of course, on Amazon. Fish emulsion’s benefits to plants and ease of use make this an exceptional fertilizer in the garden, especially when making your own. Fish emulsion, or “fish fertilizer,” is an organic plant fertilizer made from fish. Get some fish, you might as well use fish discards like fish heads, guts, etc. The finer the fish bits, the more effective the fermentation. This enhances the strength and vigor of your plants. We use whole fish as there are naturally wider range of nutrients present. Fish emulsion fertilizer, which has been manufactured for use in gardens, will typically contain the fish scraps that have no other use, such as fish bones, fishtails, and fish guts. Fish emulsion fertilizer can be used for organic gardening. 2. It is a powerful agricultural fertilizer high in organic nitrogen and soluble phosphorous and … I only use fish emulsion when my plants are in the vegetative state. It’s rich in minerals and makes plant leaves green and glossy, while also providing good nutrition for root and fruit growth. This makes it a good sustainable choice of fertilizer, as it utilizes organic materials that would otherwise be wasted. For more information on using fish emulsion on plants and how to make fish emulsion fertilizer, please continue reading. Fish Emulsion is a all natural formula that provides a rich source of organic matter that breaks down and releases nutrients into the soil. Read more about Terroir Seeds below the article and be sure to check out their website at A naturally derived fertilizer, fish emulsion is considered suitable for organic gardening and organic crop cultivation. In commercial industry, fish fertilizer is sourced directly from fish remnants, so that after the goodness of the fish has been removed for sale for supermarkets and butcher shop, the remains can be used to make fish fertilizer. Stephen is going to teach us how to make our own fish emulsion for use as a fertilizer and foliar spray. Cut fish into chunks then either blend or run through a meat mincer. Fish fertilizer is better on plants, and not only is it a safe, natural product, but it is also affordable too. Fish emulsion fertilizer is derived from the guts of waste fish that are ground up and processed as plant food. Now back to Stephen: The main drawback to commercial fish emulsion is the cost and the smell. This fertilizer has high percentages of readily available nitrogen that promotes plant growth.. Homemade organic fish emulsion is great for your garden because it’s cheap, has many nutrients and contains aerobic bacteria which are essential for disease control and soil health. How to make it; 1.