I enjoy feedback, but I never said that it was an incubator from "scratch". It is VERY important to plan out your incubator first to avoid any unnecessary holes and cuts! Put the thermostat on outside front box make 3 holes for wires and glue it with hot glue, insert the 12v power and bulb relay wire in to the thermostat. New day old chick with lump on the bottom and looking tired and inactive. This kit has the letters "DIY" on the box. Something to block direct heat/light from hitting the eggs. 3 Day Pay-It-Forward PFM + FREE BYC Calendar Offer! 3 Day Pay-It-Forward PFM + FREE BYC Calendar Offer! With your screwdriver, make a small hole near the top of one of the sides of the cooler. JavaScript is disabled. In its current state i give the article four stars, building a cabinet incubator for a staggered hatch is a great idea, so you can produce chicks every week. The heat source in this incubator, like most of them, is a light bulb. Help what to do? I won a $50 gift card at my local orthodontist. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Make sure to have the hole slightly smaller than your actual frame so you have room to tape it on. Then, with tape (I would choose duct tape) attach one frame to one side and the other frame to the back. JavaScript is disabled. I chose to do the window first because it's the biggest cut you will have to make. I've seen some cool designs for homemade incubators all over the internet, but some of them seem so hard to make! My incubator is a cheap, easy to make, and most importantly, EFFECTIVE way to make an homemade incubator! How to Make a Simple Homemade Incubator for Chicks. This way, heat isn't lost and you don't have to worry. We... My Pepsi cooler incubator build Insert the socket from any lamp and put in a ... 2. I bought it, and it worked great. Do not make it to far up; We do not want the light bulb touching the lid of the cooler. Then, make a second hole about an inch away from the one you made to thread the power cord through. It all started one day when I drove... You must log in or register to reply here. We bought 13 little chicks. I am not the best writer but here goes. Attach the bulb holder inside the box and secure it with zip tie and also attach the fan ,the fan must be facing toward the bulb so it blows the air on it. Also, this is the messy part. Cut out a hole at one end of a styrofoam cooler. In September of last year, that incubator killed all of my chicks. First, draw where you want your window to be. Divide the cooler in two sides. 1. Click HERE! The hole will contain the light bulb and its socket. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It was a big bummer, so I began looking for different incubators. Click HERE! One star credit for future improvements! I went looking on Amazon, and I found a forced air Little Giant Incubator for $50.