Jonathan (age 2) loves to do whatever his brothers are doing, and since he has also recently discovered how a glue stick works, I thought he might enjoy this simple craft! It was hard to make all of these decisions! Reuse old paper bags to make these adorable paper nests. Birds Nest Paper Plate Craft. Even toddlers can enjoy this bird’s nest craft! The middle two boys are studying birds this semester with Exploring Creation with Zoology Vol. The birds can pop out of the nest on popsicle sticks, so your child could put on a puppet show or you could make up a story together! I researched a ton about whether to use paper maché or glue, whether I wanted a full nest or a more delicate nest, and lastly….the nest materials. Bring spring indoors with an easy-to-craft decorative bird's nest you can whip up while watching your favorite show. The glue mixture is … Glue a small feather to the top of each bird and two googly eyes to the front. Step 3 Cut 2 – 10 inch circles from the top part of the bag and 2 – 2 1/2 inch circles from the bottom of the bag. We fit three birds into our bird nest craft. Fill the realistic-looking nest with painted robin's eggs, dyed eggs or Easter candy. The simplest supplies usually make the most fun projects when kids are involved, and in this case, one of the quickest. After a rough start, we finally got the hang of it. 6. A great project for Earth Day, Easter, teaching about birds, exploring recycling and more! Fill with crimped paper and candy eggs. This paper plate bird nest craft provides a great opportunity to teach kids about the life cycle of birds, their home, migration, and spring. If you’re looking for simple bird crafts for kids, you don’t want to miss this one. These paper bag bird nests can help you decorate for both Easter and spring and when the season passes recycle them and make more next year! Welcome spring by making a bird’s nest with your kids. One of the best ways to learn is by doing, so with the help of some paper plates and a little inspiration from the birds we built a bird nest craft that’s complete with a little fluffy bird inside. This simple project can be made with recycled paper bags for a natural look or you could try colored pastel paper for an Easter decoration. Make a bunch to give to friends and coworkers! Supplies: ... Cut birds out. Plus, it is fun to make. 1 from Apologia’s Young Explorers series (Amazon affiliate link). Get crafting with our step-by-step instructions. The great part about making this Birds Nest Paper Plate craft is that it makes such a cute bird habitat and teaches children about birds. In this video I show you how to make a bird nest using a paper plate and bowl. Despite my poor Baby A teething miserably, we had such a great time with our new friends crafting and playing together! There are bird nest tutorials all over the internet. Fold an origami hen or two to go with your nests! Step 1 Supplies: a brown paper bag (makes 2 nests), scissors, glue stick and Jelly Belly Step 2 Cut the bag as close to the bottom of the bag as possible. The kids will love working with the shredded bags and glue to make a grand mess. This is a great project to celebrate the return of Spring. The download provided is not for distribution and is for personal use, only. 5. Check it out for more origami models. Origami project adapted from Advanced Origami.