(frozen anchovies have soft meat and weak skin, so going through the bone is the only way to keep them on the hook.) Hooks for Frozen Anchovy? On the way to the boat add 2 packs of frozen anchovies as soon as they can be seperated without damage. Fishing a whole dead anchovy, hook it through the head, from the bottom up, exposing the point and barb of the hook on top. I picked up some circle hooks and was just wondering what the best way to rig the frozen anchovy is...I found it was kind of hard with them being frozen and tried going through the head a few times and pretty much ripped the head off. If you need to hook them securely, run the hook right through the skull, and if you want a hook near the tail, rig with two hooks, with the front hook through the skull and the trailer through the body behind there. Hold red pin by ball end and insert pin point in round hole. Leave them on the boat if there are no critters to bother them. Fishing Chat. I run the wire through the eye of the hook and then pass it through the bait several times to hold it on when they take the bait they also take the hook. He has written about electronics, appliance repair and outdoor topics for a variety of publications and websites. Insert bait snugly into plastic head cavity, back of bait must be on the same side as the leader exit hole on nose. The next day put a crusty one on one side and a fresher one on the other. Keep them coolish until they are somewhat dehydrated and then it doesn't matter what temperature they are. Link to post Share on other sites. From what I understood he uses two hooks tied to your leader and then at the bottom of the leader he adds a weight. I prefer to take my frozen anchovies and soak them in Natural Fire Brine. He says you should use frozen anchovies because they stay on your hook better but if you are concerned you can use magic thread to wind around the anchovy and your hook to keep it on. To combat this, most anglers use bait thread which is very inexpensive and effective at keeping the anchovy attached to your hook. what I have done is using 80lbs wire. Quote; Share this post. Go through the bone and that will help it stay on the hook. At the very least the brine helps keep the scales intact, makes the bait last longer and aids it from breaking apart so quickly when trolled. With bait forced tight up into head cavity. Even if you manage to drive the hook through a frozen anchovy which I recommend, within minutes that anchovy will be completely thawed and falling off your hook. To have success with frozen bait caring for them is imperative. The best catch times are sun up and sun down. I grew up fishing f To bait Krippled Anchovy, slide plastic head up leader approx. Fresh anchovies are ideal, but frozen works well with a little prep. 6 inches away from hook(s). He was probably about 8 pounds! Fresh dead anchovies can be hooked this way as well, but this won't work if you're after fish which nibble at them, or if the anchovies have been frozen. On the bright side, I caught my first catfish yesterday! Pull red plastic pin from holes in the head.