We built one birdhouse with a galvanized sheet metal roof and another with a copper roof. Each strip is beveled on both sides. Each strip is beveled on both sides. Thread wire or rope through the eye hook for hanging. Place the overlapped section on one side of the upright triangle on the roof. Aside from the shape of the round birdhouse, one of the neat things about this project are all the options that are available when building it. There are 20 staves, each with a 9 degree angle on both sides. Instead, the cylinder is assembled from a number of narrow strips. Nail through the overlapped tin into the edge of the triangle to secure the roof and the overlapped edges. Cut a circle from tin using tin snips with about a 12-inch diameter. Buy this wood from a local hardware store and request these specific lengths and dimensions. Building the Perfect Birdhouse. Then the strips are laid side-by-side and “rolled” into a circle. Build it on your own or make it a fun activity to do with your children. These instructions are a basic beginning, but you can experiment with different styles and techniques to make your round birdhouse a personal conversation piece. Mark the exact center of this circle. Amanda Herron is a photojournalist and writer whose credits include: "Georgia Realtor Magazine," "Jackson Parent Magazine," "Christian Guitarist and Bassist" and the Associated Press. Country or classic — All you have to do is select from several design options to create the round birdhouse of your dreams. Cut the circle from the wood and glue it to the bottom of the wood cylinder. Yes, birds will certainly live in this house, but let's face it, the design is mostly for your enjoyment. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Cut out the circle. Nail the other side of the roof to the opposite edge of the triangle. Purchasing untreated and unpainted wood, such as cedar or cypress, will ensure that the birdhouse isn’t worn or damaged by weather. This way the widest ends of both angles are on the same side of the strip. Measure the diameter of the roof circle. She is a member of the NPPA and has awards from the Tennessee Press Association and Baptist Press. The United States Customary System of Units (USCS or USC), more commonly referred to as the English or Imperial system, is the standard set of units for our plans. Overlap the edges of the tin by pulling in toward the open wedge. Coupon discount will be applied at checkout if valid. Cut 20 strips of pine wood 12 inches long and1 inch wide. Trace a circle around the base. Don’t worry though — it’s not a complicated process. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. However, dimensions and other elements of the plan may vary between the metric and standard versions. Use copper or steel instead of tin for a different textured roof metal. Angle the left edge of each strip to the right at nine degrees. Instead, the cylinder is assembled from a number of narrow strips. Nail the other side of the roof to the opposite edge of the triangle. Building a birdhouse is a classic weekend woodworking project. Help us spread the word about Woodsmith Plans & earn money at the same time. Cut a triangle the width of the roof and the height you want the roof to be, usually 6 inches. Cut a line along the radius from the perimeter to the center dot. Place two strips together side-by-side so that the angles meet and the wood fits exactly together. Add 1/2 inch rim around the perimeter of the circle. Well believe it or not, you don’t need a lathe to build this project. Stand the wood cylinder up on a scrap of pine wood. Shop drawings are not available for every plan. Learn what it takes to create the perfect birdhouse and get ready to say hello to some feathered friends! However, if you want even more granular detail to make your job easier, you should consider our premium plans. Building a birdhouse is a great beginner project but more details can make it a great project for a more advanced woodworker. No thanks, I'm not interested in the Woodsmith Plans Affiliate Program, 8 printable (digital) pages of step-by-step instructions, More than 45 full-color photos, illustrations and exploded views, Full instruction on making the metal roofs. How else but on a lathe could you make Round Bird House? Note: After your purchase, you will receive an email containing a PDF attachment of your purchased plan, as well as instructions for logging in to download the plan and access any other associated files and videos, which will all be located on this page. Building a birdhouse is a really fun little DIY project to tackle. This is the one you probably want if you are in the United States, and it is the one we have traditionally offered on this website. When you first look at this birdhouse, you might think it’s a turning project. Tread wire or rope through the top eye hook for hanging or glue the bottom of the birdhouse to the top of a round post for free-standing. Herron has a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and a Master of Arts in Education from Union University. This step-by-step guide teaches you how to build a birdhouse using basic woodworking skills.