Make these easy party dips as party snacks, as game day food, or as appetizers. We’re talking cheese dips, chicken dips, classic hot dips, and even some healthier dip options. This dip calls for three different cheeses (goat, cream and Parmesan) along with tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and chives. Print . Altogether, it’s tart and creamy with just the right amount of tang. Recently, I was at a party and had this incredibly warm, flavorful dip that was full of bacon and cheese. prep time 10 minutes total time 30 minutes serves 20 people Ingredients. If it was on my plate, it probably got dipped. It’s impossible. Ingredients. Cream cheese, salsa, chili and Cheddar cheese are layered and baked until hot and bubbling. Variations. Here are some of our favorite dip recipes for parties! More favorites: Veggies Corn, diced peppers, chopped tomatoes; Spice Hot sauce, hot peppers, a pinch of cayenne; Meat Ground beef or sausage can ‘beef up’ this dip. Top it with green onion, tomato and fresh cilantro for a tasty dip that is sure to be a hit. Seriously, how can you go wrong with bacon and cheese? Tex Mex flavors like taco seasoning and salsa mean this dip is easy to add any number of favorites.. Make this into a jalapeno cream cheese dip by adding ½ cup of chopped pickled jalapenos from a jar. In a bowl using a fork, or in the food processor, combine all the ingredients until smooth. cost per recipe: $6.05. Warm bacon cheese dip is a cream cheese dip recipe that is a hot cheese dip. Spoon into ramekins. You name it. Cover and refrigerate or freeze until needed (see note). Cook in the microwave oven for about 1 minute or until the dip is heated through, stirring halfway through cooking. Serve this bacon dip up for your next sporting event! I couldn’t get enough of this Warm & Cheesy Crack Dip recipe. I found myself dipping everything into it — crackers, pretzels, broccoli. Grab a chip and dig into this simple dip that’s really delicious. You can’t. This crack dip is loaded with warm cheese and bacon.