Eggubator is electricity free egg incubator for poultry farmers in rural India. HOW TO MAKE HOMEMADE INCUBATOR: Today I am making a simple egg incubator which is easy to make and doesn't need much any complex parts ,incubator is a machine which maintain the temperature and humidity and when we put the eggs in it will hatch the eggs just like a chicken would o… Do-it-Yourself Incubator Ideas. At some point in our past, people must have been able to incubate eggs without electric. As the promise of spring is creeping around the corner, some poultry lovers are ordering their chicks, poults and ducklings online from hatcheries, contacting breeders or (like me) calling all of farm supply stores to find out when their first chick delivery is.Other poultry lovers are filling their incubator to hatch out their new spring flock. 26.06.2020 - Homemade Incubator For Chicken Eggs || Incubator Without Electricity - YouTube I have had success devising my own electric incubator, using a small pan of water placed over a little cage (intended to feed wild birds suet), with a heat light over it all, in a metal roasting pan. 20- Homemade Incubator. How did they do it? It will allow farmers to grow their income from poultry, independent of natural hatching. Follow these free instructions to build your own homemade incubator that will hatch dozens of eggs at once. I had about 60-70% hatching rate. A printed diagram plus pictorial instructions make this DIY build simple for even beginners. When I set out to build my own egg incubator about five years ago, I had several goals in mind: • Multi-stage incubation (incubate 150 chicken or duck eggs and hatch 30 eggs at one time). The double door design will allow you to do maintenance work in the heat chamber without losing heat in the incubator. Eggubator is thermal energy storage based egg hatching system for rural farmers where electricity cut off is major challenge.