Credit: / Matthew Zahnzinger, For such a cozy fridge, it's actually got a pretty decent amount of usable storage. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our … This result is a few minutes faster than the average freezer. Is the cord long enough to reach an outlet about 4 ft from the refrigerator center; and how long is the power cord. Sadie@Haier. Because proper air clearance is necessary, Haier refrigerators cannot be flush installed. To our surprise, the freezer scored just as well, with average temps that were both low and stable—great news for folks concerned about freezer burn. This unit is not counter depth. Most of that space is pretty much stuck where it is, and none of the door shelves are deep enough to hold gallon containers. Get the Haier HRF15N3AGS … Think of a stainless steel door covered by a glass sheet. Credit: / Matthew Zahnzinger, This minimalist capacitive touch screen complements the stainless front. What is the minimum clearance space needed on each side of the refrigerator? No one tests refrigerators like we do. This item Haier 15-Cu.-Ft. French-Door Refrigerator 28" width Stainless Steel HRF15N3AGS Haier 16.0 Cu. Are the doors fitted with reversible door hinges, i.e. Ft. 4-Door French Door Refrigerator - Stainless steel. What is the depth of the unit without doors ( cabinet only ) where electric cord is placed and can You provide manufacturer cut-out sheets ? As part of its plan to expand into the U.S., the Chinese appliance titan unveiled an all-new small kitchen appliance lineup at the Dwell on Design show in 2015. How many amps does this refrigerator pull? In the rest of the world, the compact French door refrigerator is extremely popular. ©2020 Reviewed, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network LLC. are both of the drawers Freezer compartments or is one able to also be a fridge drawer. ft. Bottom Mount Refrigerator with Quick Cool and Quick Freeze in Stainless Steel Ft. 4-Door French Door Refrigerator - Stainless steel. If it looks substantial, we’ll gladly re-test a product to try and reproduce these results. We use standardized and scientific testing methods to scrutinize every product and provide you with objectively accurate results. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Our tests proved this Haier not only looks good, but does a great job preserving and storing food. Olga. The upper drawer averaged -1.65°F and deviated by just ±0.18°F over time, while the lower drawer averaged -0.33°F and deviated just ±0.11°F over time. (You can even remove it for easy cleaning.) Credit: / Matthew Zahnzinger, The upper freezer bin is basically a large sliding bucket. All rights reserved. Over the course of three days, our test materials lost an average of 0.2 grams of water each hour. Hi Erica - No a water line is not required if you are not having an ice maker installed in the unit. Get performance ratings and pricing on the Haier HRF15N3AGS refrigerator. To remove crispers, doors must be fully opened. If you don't need a lot of extra features and want to make the most of a relatively small kitchen, the Haier HRF15N3AGS compact French-door fridge is a great pick. It is long enough to reach an outlet. Inside, plastic abounds and shelves offer virtually no customization or spill protection—similar to competitors in the same price range. Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. In total, you get 8.06 usable cubic feet of space. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. The upper drawer is just a big plastic bucket. I am putting this in a rental and little freezer space is needed. It brings the French door style to small kitchens—and small budgets. For such a cozy fridge, it's actually got a pretty decent amount of usable storage. Also, the crisper in the fridge gets super cold since its right up agains the freezer drawer and it has froze my lettuce and veggies so I put water bottles in there now. It’s unheard of, but Haier has made it a reality. BEST BUY, the BEST BUY logo, the tag design, and MY BEST BUY are trademarks of Best Buy and its affiliated companies. Without an ice maker to suck up power, it's no surprise that the Haier is an exceptionally efficient machine. Olga, Haier - 15 Cu. That finish isn't actually stainless steel, and the front door scratched pretty easily while we were unpacking it. © 2020 Best Buy. Our only gripe is the crisper, which won't keep your greens quite as fresh as the competition. Learn more with 76 Questions and 130 Answers for Haier - 15 Cu. Can I just plug it in and it's good to go? We spent two full weeks testing and using the unique, 14.9 cu. Does the door open wider than the refrigerator width? Credit: / Matthew Zahnzinger, Three more are found on the right, and none are deep enough to hold gallon-sized containers. On average, it took 1 hour 22 minutes for the HRF15N3AGS to freeze our sensors down to 32°F from room temperature. The more air that circulates around the refrigerator, the better the cooling, and the more consistent the internal temperature will be. Accuracy not guaranteed. That's why flash-freezing is so great. Temperatures are consistent and accurate, energy consumption is low, and freezing times are fast. You won't be able to store many greens in this small drawer anyway, but remember to eat the ones you do buy before they wilt. Recessed handles leave the front panels seamless, and free up a few more inches of valuable workspace in your kitchen. Credit: / Matthew Zahnzinger, The lower freezer drawer has an adjustable partition, and is taller than the upper one. Your Haier 27.0 cu. I have owned this fridge for about 1 year. Hi Matt, Thank you for checking with us. Haier has you covered with a little inspiration from overseas. its a French door fridge it doesn't open from the left or right, it opens from the middde . Haier has a long history selling compact and wine refrigerators in the U.S., and although we haven't done any long-term testing on this full-size fridge, we still haven't found any reasons to worry in the short time we spent with it. Still, we think the extra legwork is worth it. Credit: / Matthew Zahnzinger, Both freezer drawers are surprisingly accessible, as long as you're comfortable bending down. this question is meaningless. But at least the aesthetics are good: Blue trim gives the shelves some pop, while bright LEDs illuminate your groceries and the clean white walls. The crisper was the most disappointing aspect of this Haier. The fridge uses about 0.06 kWh per usable cubic foot per day, and assuming the national average cost of $0.09 per kWh, that works out to roughly $24.02 per year. Do you need a water line or drip line? What exactly does the color "glass" look like in person? Haier is breaking ground by offering this design layout in such a compact size. Sign up for our newsletter to get real advice from real experts. There's just one extra height level available, and none of the bucket shelves are deep enough to hold gallon jugs. I just plugged mine in and it was good to go. Read helpful reviews from our customers. Instead of one large pull-out freezer with drawers, Haier designers opted for two separate freezer compartments that can be opened independently of each other.