Health Benefits of Wampee. Jun 25, 2015 - Grumichama fruit- Grumichama is a species of medium sized tree endemic to Brazil. If you live in tropical area, it will be very easy to find this plant. Great for Digestion; As mentioned in the point number one, canistel fruit is excellent source of fiber. This is because of the presence of vitamin C content in the fruit, which is required for the health of our immune system. Boasts a powerful list of health benefits of soursop tea together with its ability to forestall the occurence and spreading of cancer, aid in weight loss, improve digestion, and many more to know. One of the main health benefits of fiber is to promote better digestion. Jabuticaba not only provides such health benefits as treating diarrhea or possibly preventing the development of cancer, but it can also be used to make juice, wine, or jelly. The fruit possess sweet taste and it is used as a flavoring agent in making jellies. The skin is extremely high in anthocyanin, the purple colour, which has many health benefits like anti-oxidants, cancer fighting compounds, etc. Jabuticaba Fruit. It possesses various antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic and anticancer properties. One of the best health benefits of abiu fruit is that it helps in enhancing your body’s immunity. Wampee is loaded with numerous health benefits though it is not widely known. Grumichama is slowly becoming an endangered species due to its slow growth and low dispersal rate. One of the health benefits of beta-carotene is lowering the risk of all kind of diseases caused by macular cell degeneration mostly occur in senior age and among those diseases, cataract is the most common case. The fruit would not do well for retail because it bruises easily although sold in those berry packs is an option. If you live in subtropical area, you can find bilimbi fruits in Asian markets. Rosalen adds that Brazil has some 400 Eugenias, including several endemic species. Overall, bilimbi fruit has many health benefits and it has been used as traditional medicine for centuries. It bears small fruits that resemble exact like cherries with purple or black hue. It’s also very easy to grow, so you can have both ornamental and health benefits by growing this plant. Learn more about Miracle Fruit uses, effectiveness, possible side effects, interactions, dosage, user ratings and products that contain Miracle Fruit I was thinking the tree could be farmed as it has no pests excepts the birds & bats. This tropical fruit boasts a sweet taste flavor and is unique in that it grows on the trunk of the tree from which it’s extracted.