purple dragon fruit cutting + white dragon fruit cutting. Start dragon fruit seeds in 4-inch nursery pots filled with moist, sterilized seed-starting compost. Tiny black seeds are scattered throughout the fruit pulp. When you are done it should look something like this. It is easy to start from seed. Use any store-bought dragon fruit. In marginal areas, some people grow the plant in containers and move it indoors during the colder seasons. But once you got something that looks more like a cactus it will start to get alot easier to keep them alive. Choose between dragon fruit seeds or cuttings from an already developing plant. Now use a spoon to spread out the seeds evenly over a piece of paper towel. Once the plants are three to four inches tall, you can transplant to larger, individual pots. Grow Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) from seed. Cut a store-bought or home-grown dragon fruit in half. Should You Try and Grow an Apricot Tree from Seed? In your garden, they need a good trellis or arbor to support the weight of the vines and fruit. Use any store-bought dragon fruit. Congratulations and good luck in the future. Keep the pot in a hot and sunny area. Water by misting when soil is dry to touch. With a knife, divide dragon fruit in half and scoop out the black seeds from the pulp. To Grow Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) from Seed is really simple. Try not to damage the roots. This is a helpful guide for growing dragon fruit/pitaya from seed. The exotic dragon fruit is usually a bright pink or yellow egg-shaped fruit with blunt spines. Scoop the pulp out of the dragon fruit. https://growplantsfromseed.com/Growlight (300WGrowlight), https://growplantsfromseed.com/Pot (Plant Pot), https://growplantsfromseed.com/Pottingmix  (Potting mix), Bitcoin: 151jD1UW63iT3aQLzvgrStUakwcETHVRur, Ethereum: 0x737e5f443C05B51a3Ce7C40806B47Bf0C711fC42, Litecoin:  LfurmTgB6zYNT8qoP8RuZB6V1QnqWkfAR7, https://growplantsfromseed.com/Pottingmix. While the cactus must be protected from freezing, it makes an attractive climbing houseplant in colder areas. Germination rates of dragon seeds can be quite variable. It is an arboreal (tree climbing) cactus. The dragon fruit is a vining cactus that is native primarily to Mexico and other countries in Central and South America. The first way involves growing the plant from cuttings, and the second way is to plant seeds. Dragon Fruit Propagation Growing Dragon Fruit from Seeds. Fill the germinating tray or small pot with well-draining but poor starting mix. Try to cut a piece the same shape as your potting container. Carefully dig them out with a spoon. The seeds are fragile, so they should be handled carefully. Which one you choose all depends on time. Start by cutting a thin slice of your dragon fruit using a knife. They don’t twine, but must be tied to the trellis. If you're growing dragon fruit from seeds, it could be two years or so before your plant bears any fruit. After twelve-plus years with my dragon fruit experiment (growing from seed with minimal sunlight), I basically have an extended dragon fruit cutting – do yourself a favour and skip the early stuff. There are two ways you can grow dragon fruit in pots. For me it took over around 6 months and only 2 made it. How to Propagate Pitaya. Let the paper dry for a few hours. Step: 1. The interior is similar to a thick gel and can be pink or white. However, be aware that if you grow a dragon fruit plant from a seed, it may take several years (sometimes as many as five) before it begins bearing fruit. Dragon plants can grow in any well-draining soil, but it prefers to grow in soil that is slightly acidic with a pH level that is between six and seven.Sandy soil is the best option for this Dragon plant; if it is not available, just ensure that it is a well-draining soil. After twelve-plus years with my dragon fruit experiment (growing from seed with minimal sunlight), I basically have an extended dragon fruit … Tiny black seeds are scattered throughout the fruit pulp. Dragon fruit is the edible fruit from the Pitaya cactus, a member of the Hylocereus genus. Put these seeds on a moist paper towel and leave them overnight. Wash the pulp off the seeds. Seeds are edible and most people simply scoop out the fruit and slice or place in a blender in order to eat the fruit. Sprinkle a thin layer of soil on top of the paper then water the soil. The exotic dragon fruit is usually a bright pink or yellow egg-shaped fruit with blunt spines. In the wild, dragon fruit plants can reach a length of 15 to 20 feet. Continue to keep warm in indirect light – protect from bright sun. They will typically bloom around April of the second spring and fruit matures around 50 days after bloom. Whichever method you choose, keep in mind that growing dragon fruit from seed could take up to 6 years to produce fruits, whereas growing from cuttings will only take a year or two. Water the soil when it get dry. An easy way to grow your own dragon fruit cactus is by buying a dragon fruit at the grocery store and planting the seeds. Use fresh rather than dried seeds.Plant no more than ½ inch deep in moist, sterile potting soil. Be prepared to wait a long time before they start resembling anything like cacti. It is called dragon fruit for the scales on the outside of the fruit, which remind people of a dragon. Use the tip of a finger to push the pulp around under running water to help dislodge the seeds. Step: 2. Although dragon fruit is more likely to be propagated from cuttings, it is possible to grow it from seeds found in the edible fruit.