And other graduate schools offer professional degrees which may be more focused on practical skills and knowledge. It is a brand name school which can offer you opportunities. The professors are world famous and you'll easily see them on television for interviews. Students are from all over the world. The coursework in a grad school will be more advanced and focused as the goal of a graduate student is to concentrate their studies in a specific subject area and develop advanced knowledge and skills. Find your desired masters degree, doctoral degree, or online graduate program. In light of the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, Stanford reaffirms its commitment to perform individualized, holistic review of each applicant to its graduate and professional programs. If I ever need help, someone is always a phone call away. They worked with you to remove road blocks and worked hard to keep you informed and help you provide the best application possible. Best decision I've made thus far.Read 164 Reviews, Graduate Student: Love the professors and the ability to learn about anything I want to in my MBA program. Graduate Student: MIT has a wonderful, academic atmosphere which supports diverse teams in finding creative new approaches to existing problems in the world. Dartmouth opens doors and there is a reason why the Ivies are so sought after on this planet, but you'll just have to find out for yourself exactly what I mean. One such program may be a micro masters program. I love this program because we are exposed to literature and ideas from many different fields. The Graduate School at UCA is responsible for supporting all graduate degree and certificate programs, managing graduate assistantships, conducting graduate student orientation, ensuring the quality of graduate faculty, facilitating the work of the Graduate Council, and overseeing the admission and degree confirmation of our students. Since this school is the smallest of the Ivies, it is the easiest to network in and will surely pay off in the long term. The continuing tuition fees for ABD graduate students are very high compared to fees at similar level institutions. Funny story, but my African mom basically describes it in the following terms: "ohh, it all looks like Harry Potter's world! The libraries have some of the rarest books in the world, a very rare and delightful opportunity indeed. This school is a little more traditional than the other Ivies as can be seen by it still being called Dartmouth College and not Dartmouth University, even though it is a respectable research university make no mistake. The information on this page is for informational and research purposes only and is not an assurance of financial aid. As a graduate student, I'm very impressed with this research university. Most require students to already have completed a bachelor’s program and earned a minimum GPA. The rigor and time commitment required for classes, especially hands on practical project based classes are demanding but acchievable with the right discipline. Program Degree Type; Accounting and Finance: MAccFin: Adult Education and Community Development: MA / MEd / PhD: Aerospace Science and Engineering: MASc / MEng / PhD: Anthropology: MA / MSc / PhD: Applied Computing: MScAC: Architecture: MArch: Architecture, Landscape, and Design: PhD: Art History: MA / PhD: Astronomy and Astrophysics: MSc / PhD: Biochemistry: MSc / PhD: Bioethics: MHSc Everything is online now due to COVID. Other colleges and universities I had to call regularly every day leaving voicemails hoping to reach somebody, vs always getting a call back the same day from Rice.Read 5 Reviews, Graduate Student: I absolutely love Northwestern. Only you can answer this question. My experience, even during our recent pandemic, has been nothing short of great. The main con that I have a very hard time getting over is that there is hardly any time or opportunities to earn money for living. Classes are challenging and designed to make you think critically about the topics and events being discussed. Students who are considering pursing an advanced degree at the graduate degree level often have many questions about what to expect in grad school. Rice was very good about following up and providing more information. This helps. It's pretty much the "Blue Steel" of colleges and universities. I was also very impressed by the generosity of donors, and benefited greatly from scholarships. Other colleges and universities I had to call regularly every day leaving voicemails hoping to reach somebody, vs always getting a call back the same day from Rice.