It is so quick and easy I don’t hesitate to make it last minute like I used to with other Ceasar salad dressing recipes. Excellent recipe, am planning to try more of your recipes. They all love it! It is one of those dishes that you crave and look forward to having again. The condescension is thick. Fresh grated parmesan along with the anchovy paste makes it really authentic! Whenever I want to make a salad your website is the first site I check for a recipe. I’ve made this numerous times for dinner parties, and consistently get asked for the recipe and/or receive rave reviews. Used 4 canned anchovies mashed instead of paste. To keep it from being too creamy, I reduce the mayo to 2/3c and add 1/3c. Thanks. Thank you for your recipes. I got tired of the store dressings and wanted something fresher tasting. Caesar dressing is my husband’s favorite dressing, and he thought it was amazing too! I made this recipe for a party and everyone raved about it. This is my first time making caesar salad dressing and this recipe is phenomenal. This was a really good reciepe. Make this all the time and my family and friends love it ! This does have a thick consistency, but if you want to thin it down, you can use milk (very little, it doesn’t take much) Definitely a keeper. Maybe just leave your sad thoughts to yourself. I have been searching for so long for a caesar dressing and am so thankful to have found this! I wondered then if I should ditch the anchovy paste in the ingredients. This has become my go to recipe for Caesar salad dressing! Lori. I have made this recipe exactly as it is many times and it is amazing!! Yum! My family loves this rich and creamy Caesar salad dressing. Entire family loves it, and it’s every bit as good as expensive refrigerated, if not better, because it’s really fresh. Absolutely the best Cesar salad dressing recipe I have every made!! OMG! This is a really good recipe!!! If the garlic is strong, it can be very spicy. I started making this dressing about a year ago and my wife loves it so much she has a salad everyday. Very good dressing! Thanks for the easy recipe. My four year old was eating spoonfuls and my 7 year old asks for this all the time too. He says it is delicious even without theparmesan. It is supposed to be thick, so it sticks to the leaves. This has become a staple recipe in our home. It’ll keep well in the fridge for about a week. Absolutely delicious! Without a doubt, the very best Caesar dressing I have ever made. So glad it turned out nicely – thanks for the follow-up! Wow, that’s a lot of dressing! When I made this dressing I was amazed of the outcome – and it really was simple and fast. I have passed along the URL to your recipe numerous times. It is made with olive oil, egg yolk, lemons anchovies garlic and croutons. Easy and awesome… I realized too late that I didn’t have any anchovies, so I substituted Asian fish sauce (made with anchovies) but still really great taste. More like a dip than dressing! I can’t wait to try it with the two missing ingredients included. PS. Thank you! I made my own anchovy paste by draining the olive oil out of a can of anchovies packed in olive oil, then putting the anchovies in a food processor until it was paste. I try different Caesar salad dressings on a monthly basis (with coddled eggs and without, but I won’t be trying any others now. This w/ a salad and salmon will be my dinner tonight. I was horrified! I wasn’t really enjoying them. Hands down the best Cesar dressing recipe: when taking into account the ease of prep, the few dishes and processes involved there are no significant gains made from doing it any other way. Love it! Looking forward to trying your Buffalo Wings tonight. I’ve been in search of the best Caesar dressing for months. This is the one! OMG! It did not taste the same without it so I had to get it and add it to the dressing. Don’t let the anchovy paste be optional if you can help it, because it helps provide that classic Caesar taste. Does this change your previous advice as to amounts? I could have eaten it with a spoon! I was apprehensive about a fishy taste, instead I found myself looking for things to dip into this dressing! A Caesar salad with sliced grilled chicken was on her list. Thank you, Jennifer! It tastes exactly like what you’d expect it to, like you dumped a bunch of mayonnaise on your salad. Then buy the chemical reproduction at your market ! I’m pregnant, en searching for a recipe without raw eggs, i’m going to try this tonight! Please let me know by leaving a review below. I made a double batch, immediately froze half, and the frozen batch was perfect when we thawed and used it a few weeks later. Hi Julee, Unfortunately, I don’t know a good substitute for anchovy paste. (2 cups of Roman per person) I used the full recipe to dress the salad and also took you advice in using Whole Foods in house croutons. I had a craving for a Caesar salad and looked online and saw that this recipe had five stars with 319 reviews. It tastes like mayo, because of course it does. I found it didn’t have enough salt. Love this recipe, I am always looking for great homeade ideas using fresh ingredients including fresh grown hebs and spices. I’m not even sure of the difference between a head of Romaine vs. a heart! Oh and subd real cloves for dehydrated, worked great . So what’s the definition of real Ceasar dressing? I used Fish Sauce (contains fermented anchovy extract) instead of the anchovy paste and salt. This is a seriously good recipe. I love this recipe! Hi, I made this without anchovies, a good thing, not sure quite how to season to taste otherwise? I like caesar dressing but I am not a fan of mustard. This is my family’s absolute favorite Caesar dressing – they request it for many of our holiday meals and I gladly make it because it’s so easy and yet so very, very delicious! Five Stars ***** Absolutely fantastic Caesar Salad Dressing! Made some this morning for a salad bringing to a function, I will never buy that stuff in a bottle again. It was such a pleasure to find your blog. The kids love it, my picky husband loves it, and it is the easiest dressing to whip up! Been using this recipe for years, it’s my best go to. Such an easy and different dinner idea for us five who get tired of eating the same old foods. So, thank you, Jenn, for this. I used anchovy filets (2) because I could not find the paste. Loved it quick and easy. Yum! easy and fantastic tast. I made this and it was great. Was introduced to them with your Asian salmon. Delicious! I also used Pecorino cheese to give it an extra sharp bite.