Basic Management Functions Great success in any enter prise comes from a balanced combination of three elements: the mission, the leadership, and the people who make it happen. 0000004123 00000 n 0000032784 00000 n <> stream Planning is the function of management that involves determining the best course Forecasting determines what is likely to be required form the organisation; opportunities and demands for its services or products, this information helps define the current set of prioritized objectives. He developed the fourteen basic principles of management that underly all managerial tasks. 2 Management Functions Henri Fayol, who was a managing director (CEO) of a large steel company, was one of the founders of the field of management. Z��u����:w8 ,�nX�Drܳ��^OQ�U�^�@�ʶ�T\)|F-)_�h���csz�!˹\��Y�I��ɫ~:ibH$U�r 938 22 0000082688 00000 n 0 0000000755 00000 n 0000009696 00000 n Based on his 20 years of experience as a CEO, Fayol 0000003483 00000 n 0000002498 00000 n 0000003863 00000 n xref 941 0 obj<>stream 0000001831 00000 n 3 Define management and discuss how the primary managerial functions are interrelated. 0000001706 00000 n 0000057163 00000 n There are several kinds of activities that all managers pursue in fulfilling their responsibilities. %PDF-1.5 %���� You’ll learn more about Fayol and management’s other key contributors when you read about the history of management in Chapter 2. 938 0 obj<> endobj Chapter 2: The Managerial Functions After studying this chapter,you will be able to: 1 Summarize the difficulties supervisors face in fulfilling managerial roles. 0000003447 00000 n trailer 2 Explain why effective supervisors should have a variety of skills. 4 Discuss the important characteristics of the supervisor as team leader. 1.4 Management Functions/ the Process of Management 1.5 Nature of Management 1.6 Management Vs. Administration 1.7 Levels of Management 1.8 Managerial Skills 1.9 The Manager and his job 1.10 Principles of Management 1.11 Significance of Management 1.12 … For our purposes, we will break these into five groups, which we will refer to as the basic management functions: (1) planning, (2) organizing, (3) directing, (4) coordinating, and (5) controlling. 0000003670 00000 n 0000001394 00000 n 0000007026 00000 n �mW�$��@����4b��s��N�7��d��y���u�BjZ���MXm��OwZ7�'����D$��;�)(H��jH��:A� ��0T��-W_�=dJl|�7!��2��;�e6H���Ɨy5Hhb���6�` Wn��P}��F����N�ȁ͓�E~;��f��j�\ ����5{��R,���D38B/Le>Pv� нo�N�ᣬ���H_Կ�i��fUgk��;�Vw��D,VV�x�����(��Ȅ�\!��AO�B��������4��u�h�U���xAە��j/Ng�0��1;�����O�6�Q��EVULѯ�A���8���RjG��U�+��{�^Z���F�e�(������H#cs��������HW��=����I���I��-��c�i̩͇ͅy��;�®@ ��5�1U� �OL�YH�k�t̟�]vF�S4���P���u=׏��ћ3�ը�G�,�/�UM���B�� 0000001257 00000 n 7 0 obj N67�[5�Q �3�X=�9f� r���{S �\�-H���4 ��g���qMdy����ɉ�Q��J����V䅸l�@�$����. startxref %�쏢 —Roger Dawson 1 CHAPTER O BJECTIVES • Establish the bene ts of planning and address the implications of the failure to plan. Management, that is often used today, identified the five basic management functions (planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling). <]>> 0000002971 00000 n As a supervisor, your job will be to directly administer the functions of management, I 0000002105 00000 n 0000006830 00000 n %%EOF PDF | On Sep 9, 2016, Muhammad Noman Riaz published Define management and explain the functions of management with suitable examples from your area of … 0000003928 00000 n By far the most important is the mission. s�a���\������t���=5���؅���:�.�ln-�Z���4܆�c���K��6DT���ݩc. %PDF-1.4 management and 14 principles of management: The five functions are: • To forecast and plan. 0000000016 00000 n 0000006404 00000 n