The course material teaches the basics of good pronunciation… Of course, the best way to really master French phonetics is with the use of a really great French phonetic dictionary. French Pronunciation. Take this course with French sounds and practice. Learn how to pronounce sounds in French with the International Phonetic Alphabet for French, or IPA. La prononciation française. Learn French with Anne at FrenchHour Word Reference’s online phonetic dictionary is a great tool to use if you’re … This article includes detailed descriptions, audio recordings, and a video to teach learners the right way to pronounce French … "Finesse your French and Sound more like a Native" Mastering French Pronunciation: Video Course is a 8-chapter course taught by me in Video and Audio. Complete French Pronunciation Course Sound like a French native (HD Video lessons) A webcam for the tongue twister exercises : To participate to the Tongue Twisters in Colors© exercises, you will need a … Want a more Authentic French Accent?Then Mastering French Pronunciation is for YOU!.