If your baby is not taking foods with a lumpy texture and finger foods by 9 months, talk to your health care provider. Finger Foods. Once your baby is a pro at eating soft mashed foods, they may be ready to move on to finger foods around 8 months. Grinding can work wonders. Never leave your baby alone while eating. My little 14 month old boy is just now barely getting a couple teeth on top, and a couple on the bottom. Babies can enjoy soft finger foods before they have teeth. Month 7, Week 3. Even without teeth there are things that can be done to give them more. Steps You Can Take Sit your baby in a high chair to eat. Even if she does not yet have teeth, there are plenty of soft finger foods that are safe to feed her. Whenever possible, sit down and eat at the same time. At 9 months of age a baby begins to pick up objects with her forefinger and thumb. You can start slow, since how she is only 9 months, but she should be able to do just fine. She is ready for finger foods that can easily be transferred from a bowl to her mouth 1.Finger foods become staples at mealtime 1.Babies mimic what they see and enjoy being offered food from a parent’s plate. My first daughter didn't get any teeth until 91/2 months she was eating chunks of everything by 6 months she just gummed all her food with no problem fruits veggies meats.. My second daughter is 71/2 months still no teeth eats pretty much anything her absolute favourite is … If your baby can sit up without support, and is at least six months old, she is ready for finger foods 1. But he's been getting our food for awhile. Around six months of age is when babies are ready for introduction to solid food.