Use: Great for emergency and survival kits Price: $101.98 Description. The emergency food bar from ERBar is a high-quality emergency snack that is packed and sealed according to emergency specifications. ER Emergency Ration 3600 Calorie Emergency Food Bar is a bar … … Every bar … The complete “When the Food Runs Out” guide to food storage in a crisis – 46 compact pages of proven survival savvy detailing what you SPECIFICALLY must have (and in what amounts) to protect your loved ones’ food supply in a crisis situation.Essential non-food supplies that can make or break your survival … The SOS Food Labs S.O.S Rations emergency 3600 calorie food bars are a great addition to any prepping kit. Foods with a long shelf life; Prepper’s guide to canned food shelf life; Survival foods list; Best emergency food reviews; Ration bars are designed to provide a minimum number of calories for survival … They are US Coast Guard Approved for 5 years shelf life in any storage climate. This is an emergency food ration bar that contains enough calories to keep you going and satiated for the whole day. With approximately 2000 calories total, low cost, and long shelf life, these are a fantastic addition to your vehicle emergency … You may remember that almost five years ago we made these homemade survival bars. Review. Brand: ER Emergency Ration Number of Bars: 1 Total Calories: 3600 Shelf Life: 5 years Main Features: 20 ER Emergency Ration bars; each bar can be divided into nine 400-calorie pieces, which can remain fresh if you keep them in their re-sealable bag.