It can either appear as a single orb or two; when there are two, they will appear on either side of the player. Just make sure she or her minions corner you or surround you and you can solo or group kill her with time. Elana, the Squalid Queen. The Elana, Squalid Queen is an enemy in Dark Souls 2. Summons Velstadt, The Royal Aegis (or an enemy who has the same armor and weapon). With summons its a fair fight. It is unknown if she designed to betray the Sunken King or if she truly loved him, but one day Sir Yorgh and his Drakeblood Knights besieged Shulva, defeating the Sunken King and awakening Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon, who then let forth a toxic cloud which annihilated the whole city. So many people crying about basic mechanics. From what we can see in her soul description she is almost certainly a fragment of Manus and seems to have played a role in the rise and fall of her kingdom, just like Nashandra of Drangleic. Once her move is executed, she can directly appear anywhere in the map, and she will often directly follow with an attack. NG The more summons you have the less damage you will do, making the fight actually harder because they die mostly during the fight, leaving you to fight her alone while doing less damage and constantly having to deal with Velstadt. If she teleports, immediately roll away to avoid her sudden attack. All Skeletons will run there and stand at one point, making them an easy target for a slash attack. I still haven't beat this DLC to this day, because every time she summons Velstadt. If she summons early in the fight, you’re cooked, I would rather having to fight ancient dragon than getting gangbang by Elana’s summon, Please stop mocking her guys. It is also highly recommended that you bring plenty of items that give you additional spell casts. While this isn't necessarily an "attack", the mere execution of this move can be fatal to you. 1 Location 2 Summoning 3 Lore 4 Fight overview 5 Attacks 6 Defenses 6.1 Drops 7 Trivia 8 Gallery 9 Videos 10 Music Sir Alonne is found within the Memory of the Old Iron King inBrume Tower. While she is summoning she is vulnerable for several seconds, take the chance and hit her as many times as you can. These stats have been estimated through various formulae, and as such, may not be precise. Create more distance and roll towards Velstadt when he attacks and then continue backward and time your attacks with spells when you have avoided one of Elana's attacks. I do fine until she summons velstadt. Take Dark Orb(1 or 2) for the lesser summons and to do damage fast to Velstadt. Dark Souls II Soundtrack OST - Elana, Squalid Queen (Crown of The Sunken King)-2, 'Dark Souls II' - 32. Other than when she summons Velstadt the fight isn't all that hard, it just takes patience. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I been trying to do this for 2 days now and im stuck. Also be aware that when she does her close quarter dark blast, if you avoid it, you can get close enough to land a few good shots. Sir Alonne is an optional boss in Dark Souls II: Crown of the Old Iron King. (make sure you get a good amount of distance between them). When you are fighting her solo she will nearly always summon Velstadt (at least on ps3). This is why it is an absolute priority to locate her as soon as she re-appears. When the player is at a distance, she will cast Flame Swathe. any chance of somebody coming to help me. Drops Lore. Fires 3-5 dark orbs at the player in a straight line, high damage each one that lands. Afflicted Graverobber, Ancient Soldier Varg, and Cerah the Old Explorer, Lud, the King's Pet & Zallen, the King's Pet,,_the_Squalid_Queen?oldid=329064. Instead of focusing on Velstadt, lure him away from Elana, and then immediately rush towards her to get a few safe hits in. If playing solo, it's recommended to deal with any summoned enemies as soon as they materialize, and finish them off as fast as possible. This boss has a lot of HP. There is two NPC summons outside the area; For handling Velsdalt with 1 or 2 phantoms (Player or NPC) see if you can get one of them to focus Velsdalt while he is focused on them while you and the other phantom are focusing on Elana. NG+ The range of this attack is deceptive, as she will often move a bit forward while doing it, closing the gap between you. Waste of time **** boss that summons better boss. I summoned Benhart and that other broad for this fight. remember, this tactic will work based on dealing as much damage per second as possible and if she summons too many waves you will be locked out of resources, be it stamina or spells, as the chances for attack alone while not dying are few and far between leaving your mistakes to pile up fast. She s just a girl with beautiful dress and perfect fashion combination. Fires 1 or 2 Flame Swathes near the player, high damage if caught in the blast. Just get carried by your summons and Greatshield/Hexes so you can say you beat it. Lore. I highly recommend that you summon the two nearby NPC's for this fight if you plan on mainly using spells, so that they can tank while you cast from a distance. Toby Aitchison. They could've limited her to one Velstadt summon, but he's guaranteed to show up at half health or something, but noooo, gotta find extra ways to screw the player over with RNG. Take Crystal Soul Spear or 2, Yearn and fill the rest of the slots with Soul Spears. I can consistently beat her without taking any damage, even letting her summon Velstadt multiple times, so it's not just a random or unfair fight. 0 Kudos Elana, the Squalid Queen. Elana is quite mysterious as she is very similar to another boss in Dark Souls II. gt is fitzgt. (( Please respect these video posting guidelines)). its really bugging me. She must be killed in order to fight Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon and get to the final bonfire in the DLC. Has weak tracking. DS2 already has enough gank bs inflating the difficulty. Absolutely no shame, this ***** summoned Velstadt TWICE on me, and the skelly's. Elana is a tall female humanoid who appears to be skinless, having red and white exposed flesh and a skirt made of vein-like branches.