Watering the ground before laying the sod prevents shock to the roots and drying. Use a rototiller to till the top 4 inches (10 cm) of the soil. Tilling aerates your soil. When your soil is too alkaline, measuring over 7.0, you can amend it by adding sphagnum peat moss. Required fields are marked *, When you level your lawn, you smooth it out to eliminate any lumps and bumps. You can purchase sod in patches or by the roll. Place the roll down and begin to roll toward the edge of your property. To lay sod, you'll need … A rototiller makes it easy to till up compacted earth so that new sod can easily take hold, but there are other methods you can do. However, when it is incorporated into the soil, it breaks down much more quickly. Sod is patches of established grass with a thin layer of soil attached to a biodegradable material. These results will help you not only pick out which grass is right for your lawn, but it will tell you how to amend the soil in anticipation of sod installation. The first thing to do is loosen the soil in the area. …, careforyourlawn.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk. tilling is not necessary. This will allow the sod to bridge between each parcel and grow in between the gaps. My question is should I rototill my lawn before laying bermuda sod? Tilling aerates the soil, increases the biodiversity, and gives you an opportunity to expertly amend your soil. Remove as many of the Sandbur seeds/stickers as possible by dragging old carpet over the ground … Watering your lawn right before you install sod will result in a muddy mess. Tilling the soil of the area you plan to sod is highly recommended. Not only will it loosen your soil, but you have the opportunity to add micronutrients directly to the soil. What Is a Leaf Mulcher? Sod is patches of established grass with a thin layer of soil attached to a biodegradable material. Since sod establishes so quickly, you can be flexible when you implant your lawn. When you want a green lawn in a pinch, sod is the answer to your prayers. When fall comes, the warm season grass will go into dormancy while the cool season grass thrives. This is also an opportune time to fertilize your new lawn. How to Level a Large Lawn – Ultimate Guide, Mushrooms in Your Lawn and Getting Rid of Them, The Best Time to Spray Weeds | Season | Weather | Time. The transition zone allows the most wiggle room. If your lawn is in an irregular shape, expand out your parameters until you reach a rectangular or square shape. The pH will adjust more quickly than if you simply sprinkled lime on top of the soil. Done this many, many times and usually nothing wrong happens. Just simply remove the grass. The plus is that rototilling will help integrate the old soil with the new topsoil/compost. Fertilizing at this point will replace any nutrients lost by the frequent watering. Water the topsoil to help it settle and make adjustments so the entire area is level. After determining the type of grass you desire and what the best price for the sod would be, place your order. Sod produces a lush lawn quickly, without the time and risk of planting grass seed. In the cool season zone, only cool season grass should be grown. Tilling also breaks down weed roots and ground dwelling insects. This results in matting or dead patches in your yard. The cool season zone, the transition zone, and the warm season zone. It’s better to have too much sod than not enough. Start next to a walkway or driveway and work out and over the yard. Some companies can even customize the shape in which the sod is made. But sod requires just as much care before and after laying it as sowing seed. Based on your knowledge of previous seasons, you can establish whether where you live is mostly warm or mostly cool. Just understand that there is a good chance that the grass can get tied up like hair in a motor (If that made any sence). Before you start the job, make sure you have what you need to rototill the lawn. Unlike seeding, you do not have to wait for the grass seed to germinate and thicken up before using the lawn. The downside is that rototilling could actually help the Sandbur seeds/stickers that are still in the ground to … Leveling is most commonly done to approve the appearance of …, Sometimes you might notice that mushrooms show up in parts of your lawn, especially after prolonged wet weather.