Find great deals on eBay for dmt diamond sharpener. DMT W7EFC Diamond Whetstone Mini Diamond Stone - Coarse / Fine / Extra-Fine - Set of 3 4.3 out of 5 stars 428. Contains aligner blade guide clamp, stone holder, extra fine, fine, coarse, extra grit sharpening stones and serrated sharpening rod. Extra-Extra Fine (3 micron / 8000 mesh) provides the finest polished edge of all bonded diamond abrasives. 19 results Sort by: DMT FWFC Double Sided Diafold Sharpener, Fine/Coarse. DMT D8F 8-Inch Dia-Sharp Continuous Diamond Fine 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,193. The DiaFold Double Sided Diamond Sharpener is one of DMT's most popular products of all time. Dmt FWFC Double Sided Diafold Diamond Whetstone Sharpener . DMT FWEF Double Sided Diafold Sharpener, Extra-Fine/Fine. DMT FWEEE Double Sided Diafold Sharpener, Extra-Extra-Fine/Extra-… $49.29. £66.04. It’s inexpensive, unobtrusive, yet it folds out into something large enough to use regularly. ADD. Shop with confidence. Folding plastic handles protect sharpener when not in use. $36.95 Save 25% . The Diafold® Serrated Knife Sharpener not only maintains serrated edges, but also serves as a mini-steel, gut hook sharpener and conical file. Convenient size: 9 1/2" open. DMT Diafold Folding Diamond Sharpeners. Each dual-sided sharpener has two color coded diamond abrasive grits, both featuring DMT's classic polka-dot interrupted sharpening surface. I picked one up without thinking too hard about it, and used it for several months. The product is from United States. £5.99 . Extra-Fine diamond (9 micron / … From the manufacturer. The Double Sided Diafold® Sharpener offers two 4" x 1" Diamond Whetstone™ surfaces in one lightweight, portable sharpener. In Stock. 5" closed. DMT Mini-Sharp® Fine Diamond Knife Sharpener is lightweight and compact for easy and hassle-free transport Features a folding handle and swivel ring that attach Sharpens knives and tools faster than conventional stones with DMTs monocrystalline diamond surface. Two sided, Coarse diamond to transform a dull edge and Fine diamond for a razor sharp edge. £27.51. Black nylon storage case included. ADD. In Stock. Coarse diamond (45 micron / 325 mesh) quickly restores a neglected edge. DMT Diamond Sharpeners - Deluxe Aligner Complete Diamond Whetstone Knife Sharpening Kit with Serrated Sharpener: Model DMT-ADELUXE. $36.95 Save 25% . $49.29. Size: 4.43" rod with 1/4" to 1/16" taper. $36.95 Save 25% . Voted 1998 Knife Accessory of the Year. $49.29. Knife Sharpeners, 400/600 Grit Folding Pocket Diamond Whetstone, Handheld Double Sided Sharpening Stone for Outdoor Camping Kitchen Garden 4.3 out of 5 stars 196. Held comfortably by the fold-out handle, the DiaFold is a convenient way to sharpen axes, knives, shears, or draw-knives. No oil is needed, sharpen dry or with water. Use precision guided sharpening on blades and knives; use the Diafold alone on a variety of edges in the home, shop and garden. ADD. DMT is the gold standard in diamond sharpeners, and I’d yet to review one, so this little Diafold sharpener seemed like an obvious choice.