Bonus: Hang clipboards on the wall for an art display that can be quickly updated. Save Pin FB. Great for toy storage, too! From a passionate book reader to a decor loving person. Speaking of repurposing, how about using a simple drawer fit with short legs as a book bin. And the build is so simple. Ideas for Unique Book Storage: 60 different images of unique ways to store books for your at-home library. And for every occasion, holiday or just because, they keep coming. We’ve searched all over the web for the best shelving projects which will provoke you to make some storage for your kid’s favorite bedtime books and keep them near their beds. Cost Comparison of Alternative Book Storage: This paper explores the cost of book storage (for both libraries and users) and compares traditional vs. alternative storage techniques. From baby books to toddler toys, kid’s Nerf Guns, Barbies galore, and everything in between, kid’s toys can cause a lot of clutter. Adequate Storage. These cheap DIY bookshelves are perfect for storing toys and books at kid level, so they can easily reach them to get them out and if you are lucky, put them away. Keeping your kids reading books or even toys collection. This DIY Kids Book Storage Idea doubles the space on cabinets, dressers, desks, etc. February 19, 2016 Skip gallery slides. Low-Lying Wooden Shelves via A Cup of Joe ; How to Care for Books at Home? From old cable spool library table to house bookshelf, these ideas will surely help to declutter the book corner in your kids… Taking care of a home library can be a daunting task, … Position it at just the right height so kids can easily dig around for their favorite reads. DIY Book Bin via dejiligheder. This 1-day storage hack works on cabinets and furniture. If you have some little readers at home who have their room cluttered with books, storage becomes quite challenging. ... Add pillows and a bench cushion to the top for a comfy reading space, and store books in bins underneath for easy access and organization. These DIY bookshelves are ideal for keeping any kind of storage stuff. DIY kids room decor is the way to go, and this crate book storage solution is one of my favorite ways to decorate a boys room or baby nursery. Baby's Things, Do-It-Yourself, Room Decor. Ranging from your favorite books, academic or not. And there’s nothing like giving books. DIY Kids' Rooms Storage Projects DIY Kids' Rooms Storage Projects. Flat Wall Book Holders Here is a collection of Top 10 DIY Kid’s Book Storage Ideas that are sure to inspire! Take a look at these Creative Book Storage Ideas for Kids. It’s a great way to avoid putting more storage on the floor, when you’re running out of space. I think most people would agree and that’s why my son has TONS of books now to choose from. DIY: $20 = More Book Storage I love children’s books. Somehow it makes you feel good. You can use lumber, MDF, or plywood for this build.