Glue up a panel using the same material as your face frame. To improve the appearance of the face frame joints using this approach, mill the rails (horizontal pieces) so that they are 1/8-in thinner than the stiles (vertical pieces). 30 DIY Pallet Bookshelf | Plans & Instructions A bookshelf is always an attractive and good look furniture piece much needed for all book lovers to organize the collection of books. Two 11 1/4” by 96” oak boards One 7 1/4” by 96” oak board One 48” by 24” sheet of 1/4”” oak veneer plywood Fifteen pocket hole face frame screws (1 ¼”) Seven #8 flat head wood screws (1 1/2”) Four #8 flat head wood screws (2”) This bookcase plan is designed to be large enough to handle all of the books belonging to the voracious reader in your family, virtually indestructible to withstand years of abuse, and easy on the pocket book using inexpensive materials from your local home center. I use plywood with biscuits to span beyond 8″, edge banded with hardwood strips as you have done for your shelves. Break down plywood Following the cutting diagram, crosscut plywood along the line marked “first cut”. To add some additional dimension to the bookcase, you can use corner posts to dress up the bookcase. This collection of best DIY bookshelf and bookcase free woodworking plans and ideas will guide you to build bookshelves and bookcases of all sizes and purposes. Place the holes 2-1/2″ from the front and back edges. jenwoodhouse. He also assists his father, Vernon Mayer, in his woodworking business Vern’s Wood Goods where they build serving trays, cutting boards, kitchen utensils and other fine crafts. I was wondering if the sides and top could bee put together with pocket holes instead of biscuits? For about $100 you can have a bookcase that would cost $600 – $800 at a retail furniture store. May 2, 2020 - Explore James Mouton's board "Bookcase Plans", followed by 4009 people on Pinterest. Building a functional home décor by recycling distressed ladders is a trending style these days. This will create a nice crisp edge and save on the sanding later. A bookcase or shelf is an extremely useful home storage system. Pocket screws would likely be a bit stronger, but either way would be fine. The only downside to doing so is that the holes can become sloppy with repeated use, leading to wobbly shelves. In fact, if you were thinking about buying a similar bookcase from a fancy furniture store, I bet you could buy the materials and the necessary tools for about the same as it would cost to buy the bookcase. These easy-to-follow tutorials will help you DIY some amazing bookshelves and impress everyone with your awesome project. Trim to size using a panel cutting jig. Use a lot of clamps to ensure a good bond between the plywood and edge strip. The posts can be square, or tapered. To assist with accuracy and consistency when using biscuits, mark your biscuit locations on a piece of scrap, and then use the scrap as a guide as you mill biscuit slots in each carcass member. Rustic Bookshelf from Crates and Pallet. Considering something super simple to build on your own, that is less time consuming? If you are careful here, you can save yourself a lot of sanding effort later. I sometimes use that approach for large built-ins, where it may be cumbersome to construct a face frame on-site during the installation process. This cute DIY crate and pallet bookcase from Jen at House of Wood is a pretty easy build, very cheap and gives a lot of rustic appeals. Rocksolid, lowcost bookcase plans. When it comes to building pallet bookcases, Jen definitely wins the award for my top pick. This one idea won’t let you down! Here’s a simple DIY bookshelf project that gives you a chance to pass some of your woodworking skills on to the next generation. Use a slow feed rate, apply steady downward pressure when needed, and be sure to use your blade guard for this operation. This DIY bookshelf design is more than exuberant in color and concept. I attach this strip by simply gluing and carefully clamping for good alignment, gluing the 1″ thickness to the plywood. Check the distance from corner to corner to ensure square. Here are 25 ideas with plans and tutorials to guide you through. May 18, 2017 By Paul Mayer & filed under Cabinetry, Plans and Projects, Woodworking Projects. Cheap DIY Bookcase 7. I don’t have several hundred dollars tied up in clamps so suggesting pocket hole screws as an alternative is a good ideal. Even though I have a large cabinet saw equipped with ample outfeed support, I like to make the cross-cut first using a circular saw for a safer, more controlled operation, and then rip to width on a table saw. ... DIY Bookcase. It is visually interesting, and offers a nice concealed storage area to store things that you don’t want creating clutter on your shelves. To allow the bookcase to be placed flush against the wall (the school will actually screw them to the wall), cut a notch on the back along the bottom which will provide adequate clearance for base molding. Also build a single long top to tie all the pieces together. Bookshelves are a great storage solution for more than just books, and they can also make a room more stylish! Tags: project, woodworking, Woodworking Projects. I often do the “two pass method” for 1/4″ dado and rabbet cuts simply to save time, avoiding setting up a dado blade. The carcass top is attached so that it is flush with the top of the carcass sides. For about $100 you can have a bookcase that would cost $600 – $800 at a retail furniture store. 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