But more often than not, rats and mice won't show any signs of being infected, so you won't know whether or not you're dealing with an infected animal. He also makes it a point to inform others about pet-related illnesses. Most illnesses caused by rodents won't leave lasting damage in a normal, healthy individual. The avian flu virus can be transported via the air as well as in chicken feces. Jennifer is a full-time homesteader who started her journey in the foothills of North Carolina in 2010. For that reason, any rodent droppings and urine, whether rat or mouse, need to be taken seriously. – Hand sanitizer should be used if Jennifer Poindexter. Signs of Marek’s Disease The signs can vary widely, depending on the form it is, but a common symptom is leg paralysis. Diseases Caused by Backyard Chickens. December 7, 2017. Marek’s disease is caused by a herpesvirus, and it is also so common that virtually all chickens have it, even though it may be dormant. https://homeguides.sfgate.com/health-risks-chicken-manure-98289.html Symptoms of this illness in people include high fever, coughing, … – Adults should supervise handwash - ing by young children. Chickens and other fowl are known to be carriers of this virus, showing no symptoms of illness while infected with the viral strain. backyard chickens and/or other poultry about zoonotic risks and how to reduce the risk for disease transmission: h Hands should always be washed thor - oughly with soap immediately after touching poultry or anything in their habitat. 13 Common Chicken Diseases Every Chicken Keeper Should Know About (and How to Treat Them) By Jennifer Poindexter. Campylobacter are bacteria that can make people and animals sick with a disease called campylobacteriosis.. How it spreads: Campylobacter most often spread to animals and people through the feces (poop) of infected animals, contaminated food, or the environment. Jordan Walker is a pet lover who does not limit himself to learning about how to connect with pets. In this post, the curator of Coops and Cages writes about four diseases spread by chickens.