Reset Your Voice Settings in Discord; 3. Logging Out and Restarting Discord; 5. You'll now see a list that has Input Sensitivity in it. In the list of User Settings, you should see an option for Voice and Video. And since the button reset all settings to their default, chances are Discord now will work well with MIC. Choose the Right Input and Output Devices; 4. Try Pushing to Talk. Click on Input Sensitivity. This solves most of the problems including, background noise, echo and noise suppression. You need to go to the Discord app settings then you have to find the User Settings area. In this guide, I’ll show you exactly how you can fix when your Discord microphone is not working too. Press Windows key, type Privacy Settings … Still Find Your … A low input sensitivity grabs … Allow Discord to Use Your Microphone; 2. Press reset voice settings button and this should fix discord not picking up MIC on your computer. 1. 8. It's an easy problem to fix, but it's a common reason why people find their Discord mic not working. Check for External Factors (Checklist) 7. You want to click on this. Check If ‘Automatic Input Sensitivity’ is Enabled; 6. In that case, enabling the mic access for Discord may solve the problem. If you have a disabled microphone in the Windows Privacy Settings due to this update, then it can cause the mic not to work in Discord. Discord Mobile Mic Not Working 1) Check Mic Access The first and foremost thing that you need to check is the mic access for the Discord application. We all know that due to high-security risks to the data and personal information, each application requires permission to access your phone resources. You'll now see a toggle for Input … If still, your MIC doesn’t work with discord you need to check it’s input sensitivity.