The cedar tree is mainly known as Cedarwood all over. This tree has a conical shape with a branched trunk and has flat leaves. Tree Pictures - Recent Tree Additions Conifers are a type of woody plant that belong to the botanical division Pinophyta and class Pinopsida. For example, cones of the Atlantic white cedar are waxy blue in color that turn reddish brown when ripe. The Cedrus genus is categorized into four different species, including:. Tree Pictures Online has a wealth of info on different tree species, and photos of different tree types that should give you a good idea on which trees would look best on your property. Beech Tree: This picture shows an older beech tree with beechnuts. Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica); Cyprus cedar (Cedrus brevifolia)Deodar cedar (Cedrus deodara); Lebanon cedar (Cedrus libani)Apart from these ‘true’ cedars, some groups of trees and plants are also commonly described as a cedar in the US. Find the perfect Cedar Tree stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. On the other hand, the cones of the eastern red cedar are green that become blue when mature. There are hundreds of different conifer species in several families, so it can be hard to know which is which. Types of Trees People love to plant trees. The nuts and leaves of beech trees are edible. Throughout you can find symbolic meanings for different types of trees or visit for more symbols and their meanings. Tree symbolism stems from the deep roots of history and knowledge. This tree acts as a medicine in case of colds, flu and fevers. The cone size, shape, and color is the main criterion for identification of different cedar species. Select from premium Cedar Tree of the highest quality. Wildcrafting Weeds. Leaves of cedar tree are used to make tea which is high in Vitamin C. 21. Canopy Shape. Trees can symbolize beauty, strength, wisdom and eternal life. Learn how to properly identify conifer trees, including pine, fir, spruce, hemlock, juniper, cedars, and more! List of Different Types of Cedar Trees. Our feature cedar tree species is the Eastern Red Cedar.. With a few facts about conifers, you will be able to easily identify the different species of these hardy trees. Hopefully, we can help you choose which trees you like best to plant. Type of Tree Search. If you are looking for information on other types of cedar, we recommend using Google search.. We hope you enjoy the information and photos we have provided to help you identify various types of cedar, to learn interesting facts about cedar trees and how cedar wood is used in a variety of industries.