Tel. Judge all you want! A product of Switzerland, Delafee costs $504 and is best referred to as Golden Truffle, made from gold leaf and Ecuador’s grand Cru chocolate. Brighten your home with DeLafée’s gold mosaic. Let’s conclude with a slightly more digestible price point (not that there is anything wrong with splurging on an exquisite, once-in-a-lifetime chocolate experience, if one’s wallet allows). Price: $315 USD The Draw: This one leans towards more of the luxury for luxury sake mindset. 3 To’ak Chocolate Bar (Aged in Cognac) $365. Price: $385 USD The Draw: This booze-infused bar is the accumulative efforts of two years testing, and four years of ageing. Mature and pleasurable. We deliver it to you or directly to the person you are offering it to. The inevitable competition in the market, the popular fascination and the evolution of its production allow emphasizing the four chocolates with exorbitant prices. You can also order by phone : +99450 4146666 "Celebration" Gold Chocolate Box with Antic Swiss Gold Coin: 10 Francs Vreneli. Price: AZN 600.0 "Intimacy" Gold Chocolate Box with Antic Swiss Gold Coin: 10 Francs Vreneli. DeLafée of Switzerland. Price: AZN 500.0 DeLafee of Switzerland is often quoted for its sublime edible gold products, and some of these products are chocolate-based. A trip to pleasure that very few can access. Light and darkness - molded on a genuine human skull this art piece has been covered with 24 karat gold in Switzerland. + 41 32 724 4860. DeLafee is renowned for its Swiss Chocolate and 24K Gold blends, which sometimes retail for as much as $508 per pound. ... Price: AZN 438.0 . These are applied manually, thank you very much. DeLafée of Switzerland: Gold Chocolate Box with Antique Swiss Gold Coin . 1.Chocopologie 4 DeLafée of Switzerland’s Gold Chocolate Box ($330) ... this brand is a great option for those who can afford the hefty price tag. Moreover, DeLafée also makes wine with edible gold, making it a brand worthy of my attention for sure. The truffles’ gold sparkles like the stars, representing a symbol of beauty and success. Email: A typical price per pound: $510. It will have a unique impact in any home. Delafee Chocolates, of Switzerland, feature edible, 24-karat gold flakes. From London to Ecuador, through Switzerland and Denmark, the most exclusive chocolates in the world stand out. Address: Case postale 2145, CH - 2001 Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Order DeLafée online.