How to obtain in the deathfinitive edition Muria still gives this to you when you first meet her without the above requirement. A gaming wiki from Fandom. His current whereabouts are unknown. My thought on this is that this is the Creator (why not) or maybe someone that has lived through all of the story of Darksiders so far, hiding in the shadows following the Council, each Horseman, Heaven and Hell as well. He wields two large revolvers Mercy and Redemption as his primary weapon of choice. The game features two Horseman: Strife … About this wiki New pages New files Categories Wiki tutorial Help pages Discussion Forum Pages needing attention Important! SCP 4891: The Fifth Horseman (Darksiders/SCP Fanfic) Fanfiction. After three games, and a spin-off prequel, fans are eager to see Strife get his own solo game in The Darksiders series has been progressing slowly since its inception, particularly due to its unique approach to sequels. We are creating the gamers' guide to the action-adventure Darksiders Series by Vigil Games, Gunfire Games, and THQ, including the new Darksiders Genesis, and you can help! Shad The Dragon Hybrid. Strife is one of the last of the Nephilim and a Horseman of The Apocalypse. By: Stella Blue II. That's a neat idea but a lot of the appeal (at least to me) is that you can play as one of the horseman of the apocalypse. The horsemen, four powerful beings who serve the Charred Council and enforce their laws of balance. Follow/Fav The 5th Horseman: Fearpart 1. But what will he do if he finds the 5th rider...who has no intentions of coming with him...? 1 year ago. Games Darksiders. The idea of focusing on each Horseman individually as they go on separate adventures within the same timeframe is unique and allows each character to be developed equally. His secondary weapons are two curved daggers for close combat. When the Charred Council tells the riders of a prophecy, involving a "5th Horseman," they send Death out to convince her to join the riders as one of the Nephilim. The pauldron greatly resembles War's pauldron from the first game. Welcome to Darksiders Wiki! Darksiders Genesis is releasing on December 5th for PC and Stadia, then on Consoles in February 2020. 1 Attributes 2 Location 3 Description 4 Trivia It is obtainable by having played the first Darksiders, and visiting Muria . He is the rider of the White Horse, named Mayhem1. A Keter class SCP in a cave? SCP 4981: The Fifth Horseman (Darksiders/SCP fanfic) 1.