Recommended for those who need an efficient waste disposal system, though some complaints have been made about faults in the dust suction system. It’s a quality sander used especially for feather edging, metal preparation and finish work on body filler. 25 product ratings - MINI DA DUAL ACTION ORBITAL AIR SANDER TOOL 50mm SANDING PAD + 10 DISCS, 13 product ratings - DA Dual Action Random Orbital Sander 6" Pneumatic Air Auto Body Repair NEW, 1 product ratings - 5" Air Palm Sander Random Orbital D A Paint Bondo Sander Auto Body 9000 RPM. This pneumatic high-powered DA sander is amazingly quiet, while it runs fast and efficiently. 99. Admittedly, there have been noise complaints but that may be expected of such a powerful tool. If comfort is what you’re longing for, look no further than the Presa Turbine ALL-in-One Dual Action Random Orbital Polisher and Gedu Professional Air Random Orbital Palm Sander. Nobody wants a sander so loud that you can’t use it in a residential area, talk less about your garage. Plus, the quality of materials is outstanding.9.6 Check Price Read full review 4 9.5 One of the best sanders for metal preparation. It has a comfortable hand platform and low vibration design to make heavy use easier on the hand and wrist. With so many features and technical info, one tends to get confused. Recommended for those looking for a quieter DA sander, but are on a tight budget. Dual-action sanders are a cross between a belt sander and a disk sander, but they should not be confused with either one. Its simplicity and comfort make it especially popular among entry-level and amateur users, despite the fact that it’s a bit more pricey than other items on this list. Generally, the only DA sander product we have here that pays special attention to this key feature is the FIXKIT Air Random Orbital Sander, which features a dust suction system and a dust collection bag to easily dispose of dust particles. Such models are presented by the Hutchins 4500 6″ DA Super Sander and its cheaper alternative, the Gedu Professional Air Random Orbital  Palm Sander. Lightweight and affordable option with a bunch of useful features such as quiet operation, speed regulator and vibration-free performance. You now decide that it’s time to finally get a new sander, maybe one of those smaller fancy DA models. One of the best sanders for metal preparation. New technology is aimed at exhaust muffling and specialized silencers which were developed just for this particular purpose. RPM make it one of the most powerful as well.Gedu Professional(Best Air Efficient DA Sander below $100) This upgraded model from Gedu is built to last with high wear resistance and sturdy components. Poor quality and durability of the stock pad, Paint-friendly random orbit polishing action, Long 19.6ft power cord for easy maneuverability, Optional horizontal right/left side grip allows better usage and maneuverability, Wide range of accessories that come with the product, Prone to stop spinning if pressed hard at lower speeds, Not battery powered, requires a constant electricity supply, Over-sized drive head eliminates pad wobble, Unique air efficiency system makes it efficient and saves your compressor loads of stress, Custom handle is not included in the main package. FIXKIT 6" Air Random Orbital Sander (Air sander… 1 Editor choicePorter-Cable 7424XP – Best DA Sander For Entry Level and Moderate Enthusiasts FeaturesRandom orbit, swirl-free sanding/polishing action: allows the PORTER-CABLE 7424XP to mimic closely the action of hand polishing.Removable side handle: can be placed in left or right position for greater comfort and control.Compact and Portable: Its compact nature and relatively light weight not only makes it easy to use but also put less strain on the joints and muscles after prolonged use.Variable speed settings: The 7424XP operates at speeds of 2,500-6,800 orbits per minute (OPM).9.9 More photoMore photo Check priceThe Porter-Cable 7424XP is one of the best handheld compact polishers out there. It features several keys such as an over-sized drive head, a high-speed rate of 10,000 rotations per minute (RPM), a unique air efficiency system, low noise levels and several other key components geared at guaranteeing proficient control and comfort at any angle.What’s in the BoxIncludes the Hutchins 4500 6-Inch DA Super Sander plus a user manual, but not the custom handle which is sold as a separate unit.Highly recommended for all users who can afford the price tag.PositivesOver-sized drive head eliminates pad wobbleOrbital sanding actionHigh RPMUnique air efficiency system makes it efficient and saves your compressor loads of stressRelatively quietNegativesA bit pricyCustom handle is not included in the main package 4Ingersoll Rand 311A – Best Quiet DA Sander in the Market below $100 FeaturesDual-action pad motion: allows the 311A to produces swirl-free finishes, giving your project that ultra-fine detail you desire.Built-in silence mufflers: helps muffle the operating noise.High speed rate: max free speed of 12,000 RPM.Comfort driven lever throttle: designed to take the pressure off your palm, allowing you all-day comfort even during prolonged use.Adjustable built-in regulator: allowing for full speed control.9.5 More photoMore photo Check priceThe Ingersoll Dual-Action Quiet Air Sander isn’t in the game to be overlooked. What’s in the BoxThe purchase includes the Porter-Cable 7424XP random orbit polisher, polishing pad, adjustable side handle, wrench and the operating instructions.We personally recommend this product for its paint-friendly random orbit action and user-friendly nature, especially for new or amateur users.PositivesPaint-friendly random orbit, swirl-free sanding/polishing actionCompact and portableA wide range of options depending on purpose and preferences due to speed settingsUser-friendly dial style speed settingsFeatures 4.5 amp motor for high overload protectionRemovable two-position adjustable handleComes with a counter weightNegativesNot air-driven, so it requires a constant electricity supply.Tricky to control at lower speedsPoor quality and durability of the stock pad 2 Best valuePresa Turbine – Best Comfortable DA Sander below $100 FeaturesRandom orbit polishing action: Allows to closely mimic the action of hand polishingVersatile speed settings: With a rotation range of 1,500-6800 orbits per minute (OPM), it offers a full selection for user preference.Full accessory kit: a soft polishing pad, a medium polishing pad, a hard compounding pad, a microfiber cloth, wash mitt and carrying bag.Customizable 3-position handle and side grip: Comfortably controls the polisher by adjusting the main handle for better tackling the project.Innovative soft start function: creates less vibration and eases the work on the counterbalance bearings.9.7 More photoMore photo Check priceComfort and control, those are the words that best describe this dual-action all-in-one random orbital polisher kit. But the opposite can be true for different models. Ergonomically designed to give you the very best at the very least price, it features key points such as a dust suction system, a key counterweight system to reduce vibrations, a built-in speed control regulator and other accessories that come with the product. The sun is out and summer is in the air. If you are a professional auto repairman or someone who loves to work on vehicles out of passion, you will know what DA Sander is. Its simplicity and comfort make it especially popular among entry-level and amateur users, despite the fact that it’s a bit more pricey than other items on this list. Generally, the DA sanders come with palm-sized handles, and the RO sanders come with large handles. Mini DA Sander - 75mm Burisch + 5 Soft … Not only do unruly vibrations ruin your work, but they also make the device difficult to use and cause a safety hazard. It is especially ideal for polishing and sanding automotive and marine projects.